Switzerland: Rykka answers choreography criticism with new videoclip

by Gil Laufer 306 views

What wasn’t said about Rykka’s unique choreography for her Eurovision Song Contest performance? Despite coming last in the second semifinal with The last of our kind, Rykka has her head up and releases a new videoclip for her song Map inside.

With her special personality says Rykka in a Facebook post: “I am what I am. Recently listed as the top exercise guru of THE NATION in a newspaper following my epic moves onstage at Eurovision, I’ve decided to come out with this video we made a few years ago for Map Inside and give the world what it really deserves.”

Map inside is Rykka’s first single, included in her first and only album so far, Kodiak, that was released in October 2012. As Rykka states, the video was filmed back then, in 2013, but came out only today.

Is this easy-going rock song will top our playlists for the summer? Watch, listen and decide:

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