Australia: Dami Im enjoys Spotify success

by Eleanor Cooper 441 views

This year’s silver medallist at the Eurovision Song Contest, Dami Im, has received Spotify streams across the whole continent for her song Sound of silence.

Sound of silence has achieved global success, and is currently the 140th most streamed song on the music streaming service Spotify.  Here is a breakdown of where Sound of silence is currently charting with Spotify around the world.

  • Sweden: 10
  • Lithuania: 16
  • Iceland: 25
  • Estonia: 36
  • Poland: 61
  • Australia: 73
  • Finland: 81
  • Austria: 85
  • Norway: 89
  • Ireland: 123
  • Denmark: 138
  • Global: 140
  • Malaysia: 146
  • Switzerland: 186

Dami Im has reached a peak at position 73 in Spotify streams in her homeland Australia. She has also charted in Switzerland, Estonia and Denmark since her Eurovision performance. Interestingly enough, however, this wasn’t reflected in the voting. Sound of silence only received 1 point from the Swiss people and 4 points from the Estonian public. The Danish people gave Dami 10 points for her performance on Saturday.

Although Dami has achieved moderate success in the Spotify charts across the globe, Sweden’s Frans has been the most successful. If I were sorry is currently 64th in chart for global streams.

Despite only finishing in fourth place with the people of Europe, Australia’s Dami Im scored quite remarkably well with juries, and therefore finished in second place overall with her song, Sound of silence.