Introducing the 2009 entries: Serbia

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All entries in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest are known, but the actual contest is still two months away. As a warm-up, we introduce one of the entries every day in random order. Part twelve is dedicated to the entry from Serbia.

Basic information

Performers: Marko Konand Milan Milan Nikoli�(Performing as Marko Kon & Milaan)
Song: Cipela (Shoe)
Language: Serbian
Music: Marko Kon, Milan Nikoli�, Aleksandar Kobac
Lyrics: Marko Kon,Aleksandar Kobac
Draw: 4th inthe second semi final

The song

Cipela is an up-tempo comedic song mixing various styles with a folkloristic arrangement.Through the lyrics, the singer tell that he has seen the whole world and that he feels at home everywhere. Still, the love of his life did not want him until he became rich:

Moja stara cipela
Pola sveta videla
Gde god da stanem tu mi dom
Tamo pa vamo
Istok pa zapad
Ma gde god stigao bio sam na svom

Nije, nije, nije me htela
Sve dok pare ne skupim

My old shoe
Has seen half of the world
Wherever I stepped, I was at home
Every so often
In the East and the West
Wherever Igot, I felt I belonged there

She did not, not, not want me
Until I had the money

The duo

Marko Kon is a successful singer, composer,arranger an record producer. He playsvarious musical instruments includingguitar, saxophone and drums. With Aleksandar Kobac, who co-wrote Cipela, he formed a very successful duo in Serbia. During an interview, he said: "I have produced over 800 acts which are registered by SOKOJ (Union of Yugoslav Composers' Organisations) … . So, I am in the business since 1994 and for all these years I have had at least three songs which would end in the year's top ten list."

Milan Nikoli�grew up in Paris, where he would graduate from the Conservatory in 2004. He is one of themost successfulaccordion players of Serbia having not only released a series of albums but also having won many awards.

They will be the first duo to represent Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest, even including the participations of the Serbian broadcaster under the flag of Yugoslavia. In Moscow, they will be backed by ballet dancer Katerina Gromolic and the dancers and singers Ljubisa Dincic, Jovan Sejnjanovic and Igor Knezevic.

The national selection

The national song festival Beovizija once again selected the Serbian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. After some confusion about the results of the semi final and a withdrawal, eleven acts competed in the national final. Marko Konand Milan Nikoli�won the selection having been the favourites of the jury and the number four among the televoters. The favourites of the televoters, OT Bend, were only seen sixth by the jury.

Serbia in the Eurovision Song Contest

Serbia entered the Eurovision Song Contest as an independant country in 2007 and manged to win on its debut with Molitva. Last year, Oro finished sixth on homeground.Other entriessubmitted by the Serbian broadcaster took part under the flags of Yougoslavia and Serbia & Montenegro in the years 1974, 1982, 1991, 1992 and 2004.

Marku Konu i Milanu Nikoli�u želimo svu sre�u i dobar rezultat u Moskvi!


Live in the national final:

Performing in a TV show:

Milan Nikoli�performing with Vlada Alimpijevic:

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Tomorrow, we will take a look at the Belgian entry.

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