Watch now: Semi-final 1 of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016

by Jessica Weaver 4,278 views

It’s finally here! The 2016 Eurovision Song Contest OFFICIALLY begins this evening with the first semi-final of the competition, taking place LIVE from the Globe Arena in Stockholm. Let’s Come Together tonight to watch this grand event!

Tonight, the world’s biggest music event kicks off with the first semi-final of the event where a total of 18 countries will compete for a place in Saturday’s grand final, along with the 10 semi-final 2 qualifiers and the 6 automatic qualifiers.

Tonight’s show will be hosted by the 2013 Eurovision host, Petra Mede, along with last year’s Eurovision winner, Måns Zelmerlöw, who are both ready to entertain you all, both from the arena and at home!

Opening the show is Måns Zelmerlöw who will perform his entry Heroes (with a difference), with a further interval act taking place later in the evening with a special dance performance based on the current refugee crisis.

How to watch

Tonight’s show kicks off from 21:00 CEST and will run for around 2 hours.

  • The show can be viewed through the participating national broadcasters
  • A live stream will be available via the official Eurovision channel

Semi-final 1 participants

Eighteen artists will compete in the first semi-final, but only 10 will make it to Saturday’s grand final this weekend. Who do you want to qualify?

  1. Finland: SandhjaSing it away
  2. Greece: ArgoUtopian land
  3. Moldova: Lidia IsacFalling stars
  4. Hungary: FreddiePioneer
  5. Croatia: Nina KraljićLighthouse
  6. Netherlands: Douwe BobSlow down
  7. Armenia: Iveta MukuchyanLoveWave
  8. San Marino: SerhatI didn’t know
  9. Russia: Sergey LazarevYou are the only one
  10. Czech Republic: Gabriela GunčíkováI stand
  11. Cyprus: Minus OneAlter ego
  12. Austria: ZOËLoin d’ici
  13. Estonia: Jüri PootsmannPlay
  14. Azerbaijan: SamraMiracle
  15. Montenegro: HighwayThe real thing
  16. Iceland: Greta SalómeHear them calling
  17. Bosnia & Herzegovina: Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner & JalaLjubav je
  18. Malta: Ira LoscoWalk on water

Each of tonight’s 10 qualifiers will be decided via a public and national jury vote. Members of the public and the national jury from tonight’s participating countries will vote for their favourite acts, with the votes going on to be added together. The top 10 will qualify to Saturday’s grand final.

Voting instructions can be found via the official Eurovision website.