Stockholm Calling: Spain’s second rehearsal

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Today sees the second rehearsals of the automatic qualifiers to Saturday’s grand final; the Big 5 and Sweden. We here at ESCToday are ready to bring you the latest news live from the arena itself.

Next to take to the Eurovision stage today is Barei from Spain.

Barei is joined by 4 backing vocalists/dancers who are wearing black and white sports t-shirts, whilst Barei wears a gold dress with her famous high-top shoes. Barei performs choreography throughout the performance with her backing dancers, performing her impressive dance during the choruses. Following the first chorus, Barei makes a drop on the stage with a short pause, before the song restarts and the performance continues. Barei finishes her performance on the catwalk, performing her dance for a final time.

Check out Spain’s second rehearsal below!

Spain: Barei – Say yay!

SPAINBarei – Say yay!#Eurovision #ComeTogether #OpenRehearsal

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Rehearsals continue today with the remaining Big 5 countries; Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom.

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