Stockholm Calling: Lithuania’s second rehearsal

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It’s now time for the rehearsals of semi-final 2 to take place this afternoon, where the 18 participants will take to the stage at the Globe Arena for a second time! We here at ESCToday are ready to bring you the latest news live from the arena itself.

Next on stage this afternoon is Donny Montell for this second rehearsal, performing by himself with no backing vocalists appearing onstage.

Donny’s performance is filled with choreography throughout and the singer himself is constantly on the move. Blue is the main colour featured during the performance, with lights flashing around the stage at different points on the performance. Towards the latter half of the performance, a small trampoline is wheeled onto the stage, in which Donny runs up and jumps onto it, making a forward jump in the process.

Check out Lithuania’s second rehearsal below!

Lithuania: Donny Montell – I’ve been waiting for this night

LITHUANIADonny Montell – I’ve been waiting for this night#Eurovision #ComeTogether #OpenRehearsal

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Rehearsals continue this afternoon with Australia, Slovenia and Bulgaria before another break takes place.

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