Stockholm Calling: Greece’s second rehearsal

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Rehearsals for the first semi-final are underway today as the 18 participants return to the arena for a second time! We here at ESCToday are ready to bring you the latest news live from the arena itself.

Greece is second to rehearse on the Eurovision stage this morning with the six member group, Argo. The band performs on-stage entirely in white, same as their first rehearsal.

Focusing on the pontian lira player at the start of the performance, the attention later moves to the 2 female singers who open the song. They are shortly after joined by the rapper of the group along with a dancer. Towards the latter part of the performance, 4 of the band members come together to perform a traditional style of Greek dancing.

Check out Greece’s second rehearsal below!

Greece: Argo – Utopian land

GREECEArgo – Utopian land#Eurovision #ComeTogether #OpenRehearsal

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Rehearsals continue this morning with Moldova, Hungary, Croatia and the Netherlands before a break takes place.

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