Eurovision 2009: Details and election results announced

by Gavin Murray 65 views

Today and tomorrow marks a milestone for the Eurovision Song Contest 2009. The Heads of Delegations for each country meet in the host city, Moscow, to submit songs, draw the running order, and sort out other management issues.


Today three members of the reference group, the governing body of the Eurovision Song Contest, were up for election. For two of the three positions,the candidates that were up for election were Dejan Kukric (BHRT), Julian Vignoles (RTÉ), Petar Radovic (RTVSlo) and Christer Björkman (SVT). The other position which represents the so called "BIG 4" (France, Germany, Spain and United Kingdom), Federico Llano (TVE) and Manfred Witt (NDR) through their names into the ring.

The result: Federico Llano (TVE)maintained his position as representative of the "Big Four", so did Julian Vignoles (RTÉ) stays in his position. Christer Björkman (SVT)will join the Reference Group as new member, replacing Miša Molk (RTVSlo).


It was announced also that 42 countries are to take part as opposed to 43, after Georgia's withdrawal.


The Opening Ceremont of the 54th Eurovision Song Contest will take place on May 10th at either the Euroclub venue or on Red Square, depending on Channel 1 getting a valid permit.

Postcards between each song will feature Miss Russia, who won the title of Miss World 2008.

For semi final 1, the opening act will feature the winners of Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006, the Tolmachevy Sisters. The interval act will feature Russian choirs, that will finish with t.A.T.u's song Never Gonna Get Us. However it is still undecided if t.A.T.u. will perform.

In semi final 2, the opening act will featurematrioshka-grafiti painted on stage, carnival elements and folk orchestra performing pop music. The interval act will see Russian ballet in a "surprising form".

The Final of the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will feature a performance of Cirque du Soleil, and Dima Bilan featuring ice skater Evgeni Pluchenko, who also accompanied last year's Eurovision Song Contest winner on stage. Channel One doesn't reveal much about the interval act of the Final, just that the arena will most likely be turned into winter wonderland!


The contest will feature a 50% Jury and 50% televoting scheme. More details shortly.

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