Iceland: Details of Greta Salóme’s performance revealed

by Eliza-Jane Oliver 1,395 views

Greta Salóme, who is representing Iceland in the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest with her song Hear them calling has revealed some details of her performance in Stockholm, and announced who she will be working with.

Greta will be working with Icelandic designer Olof Erla on her stage show, and has said it will come across as a work of art, not just a musical performance. Olof had previously worked with Greta on her 2012 Eurovision Entry, Never forget and has worked with Icelandic national broadcaster RÚV on different projects. She has also designed all the pictures of Greta used in promotion for the 2016 contest.

Olof has said of the design:

This does not just revolve around the track, this is a message and this is a work of art. We took up all the items, this shadow, changing them into a computer and then edited together to the song and it became this graphics that was scene of the singing contest.

She has also said they are looking at using holographic technology in the performance, but not given any specific details as to how that will be used. Greta has released pictures of the performance to give fans a taste of what it will look like, but we will have to wait until her performance in the first semi-final to see everything put together.