Live: Second chance round in Sweden

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The second chance round of Melodifestivalen is about to take place Eight acts will compete for two spots in the national final.


A webcast will be made available on SVT's official website here.

Sverige Radio 4 here.


  1. ScottsJag tror på oss
    Sarah Dawn FinerMoving on
  2. Lili & SusieShow me heaven
    BWOYou are not alone
  3. Amy DiamondIt's my life
    Star PilotsHigher
  4. Rigo & the Topas Sound feat. Red FoxI got u
    Caroline af UgglasSnälla, snälla


The show has started. Petra Mede, who looks more glamorous than ever, welcomes the audience and explains what will happen tonight. A video is presented thatshows how much Melodifestivalen influences herprivate life…


1. ScottsJag tror på oss

Current poll result: 2.4& (7th)

The Scotts perform their Swedish schlager song that has some very minor rock influences. The song is catchy and the stage performance works perfectly with it, but the entry might be a bit too old fashioned to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest these days. However, in the early nineties it could have well had chances for a top position.

2. Sarah Dawn FinerMoving on

Current poll result: 23.8 % (1st)

Sarah Dawn Finer repeats her very dramatic performance from the fourth semi final and suits the song perfectly. The vocal performance is very strong and the song is catchy and could do well in Moscow, although many other ballads were already chosen by other countries.

Result: Sarah Dawn Finer has reached the next round.


1. Lili & SusieShow me heaven

Current poll result: 17.6% (3rd)

Lili & Susie present a rather predictable and dated schlager/disco song. The overall acts seems pretty uninspired, although the two lead singer obviously enjoy their performance, which helps to improve the overall impression. However, it is hard to believe that they will make it to the final.

2. BWOYou are not alone

Current poll result: 19.0% (2nd)

Strange outfits were chosen for the performance of this 1980s pop ballad. The vocals are rather strong and the strange performance works well with the entry. However, BWO seem to feel a bit more at ease with up-tempo songs.

Result: Lili & Susie have reached the next round.


1. Amy DiamondIt's my life

Current poll result: 9.0% (5th)

It can be doubted if the choice of this song title was really original: Three different songs of that title have already reached the top 5 of the Swedish single charts. Luckily, Amy decides to remove the very strange shirt she wears. The song is typical bubblegum pop and Amy performs it in a charismatic way but it does not sound like potential winner.

2. Star PilotsHigher

Current poll result: 6.9% (6th)

Star Pilots perform their customary 1990s boygroup tune again. The military theme in the performance still seems out-of-place. Nevertheless, the melody can be easily remembered and the act might be popular especially among the younger viewers.

Result: Star Pilots have reached the next round.


1. Rigo & the Topas Sound feat. Red FoxI got u

Current poll result: 1.7% (8th)

The group performs a a very entertaining song that works very well on stage. However, it might be too much of a cliché to do well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

2. Caroline af UgglasSnälla, snälla

Current poll result: 10.7% (4th)

The last song in the first round is obviously the most interesting and ambitious one. The fragile ballad works very well on stage and Caroline's vocals are flawless. An emotional performance and maybe a likely qualifier tonight.

Resuls: Caroline af Ugglas to the next round.

Second round now.


Sarah Dawn Finer vs. Lili & Susie


Star Pilots vs. Caroline af Ugglas

Sarah Dawn Finer and Caroline af Ugglas have reached the final!

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