Live: National final in Russia

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The Russian national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. 16 acts will compete to follow in the footsteps of Dima Bilan.


A webcast will be provided here (1tv's special Eurovision broadcast).


Venger Collective, Quatro and Tim Rocks will have to change their entries as those were published before 1st October.

  1. Anastasiya PrikhodkoMama
  2. AlexaNe dumat o tebe
  3. ArishataBreakdown
  4. ValeriyaBack to love
  5. Alexey VorobyovHeart hunting
  6. Venger Collective
  7. Polina GriffithsCry for you
  8. Quatro
  9. Thomas ChristiansenOne more try
  10. Princess AvenueNever, never…
  11. Tim Rocks
  12. Anna SemenovichLove lovila
  13. Nikolay FokeyevYou can stop the time
  14. PlazmaNeverending story
  15. NanoTraitor
  16. UnisexAi-ai-ai


The show has started with children performing well-known Eurovision winning songs. Serebro now perform their 2007 entry Song #1, which later turned out to be #3 actually. They are followed by singer and actress Alsou, who sang for Russia in Stockholm in 2000 and gave the country its first runner-up position. The next singer needs no introduction as Dima Bilan won the Eurovision Song Contest last year with his song Believe.

1. Anna SemenovichLove lovila

The first entrant tonight creates an oriental atmosphere on stage. The song is very catchy and the vocals are strong, but it is not sure if such an exotic song would be the right choice for Russia in 2009, especially as it is the host country.

2. Thomas ChristiansenOne more try

The second song tonight is ballad. The song is not very catchy and very repetitive after a while. Considering the #2 position, it is very hard to believe that it will do very well tonight.

3. AlexaNe dumat o tebe

Alexa on stage now with four male dancers, open shirt and barefoot just like Dima was. She seems to be strugglingwith the vocals and she takes no part in the choreography. The song is uptempo but not much to write home about.

A short break now when the composer of the UK entry, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber is shown talking to Russian President Mr Putin who promises to vote for the UK. This is followed by Jade herself who performs It's my time, in a new hairstyle. Jade is interviewed and promises to exchange 12 points with Russia. Two more of this year's Eurostars will be performing tonight, Sakis Rouvas of Greece and French super star Patricia Kaas.

4. PlazmaNeverending story

Electronic sounds now from male duo Plasma. The song and vocals remind us of Pet Shop Boys. Plazma are accompanied by four backing singers and the overall effect is quite pleasing if not the song to score too high at a Eurovision song Contest.

5. Anastasiya PrikhodkoMama

Some shaky vocals now and a dramatic interpretation from Anna in this song with a distinctive Russian flavour. Anna gives it all and drops to the stage floor as the song escalates towards the end. Moma is demanding vocally and Anna goes a bit too far trying for those high notes.

6. ValeriyaBack to love

The show continues with a very classic Eurovision ballad. The song is dramatic and works well on stage, even if it might not be the most outstanding composition, especially as many ballads are already chosen for Moscow. Nevertheless, one of the strongest vocal performances so far and a simple but effective stage performance.

7. NanoTraitor

Time for a rock ballad now. Song and performance somehow leave the impression of Lady Gaga covering a Pretenders song, but it is overall a strong and memorably entry that could do well in Moscow, although the last Russian entry in that kind of rock style was not very successful.

8. Tim RocksThe happiest man

A pretty modern pop ballad with some kind of R&B feeling now. Although the performance could be a bit more charismatic, it is very authentic and the vocals are strong. The singer seems to be a bit nervous, but he delivers rather strong vocals.

9. Princess AvenueNever, never…

We are half way through and an all-female rock band performs the ninth entry. The song sounds rather chaotic at the beginning but turns into a straightforward and catchy rock song once it continues. The vocals are rather shaky once in a while but the band leaves a rather strong overall impression.

Arash & Aysel now perform the 2009 Azeri entry Always.

10. Nikolay FokeyevYou can stop the time

The next singer presents another ballad. It is in a similar style as many other tonight, so being late in the running order it can well help it do well tonight. A rather strong performance, that still cannot be seen as an eye-catcher.

11. Venger Collective – 9 o'clock

Venger Collective perform their original choice after all, so it is not sure if the song will have to be changed if it wins tonight. The entry is a groovy disco song and ironically slightly in the same style as the Georgian entry. Overall a pretty strong entry, but the very simple stage performance seems not to work at all with it.

12. Polina GriffithsCry for you

No, we are not in the Swedish show yet, although the wind machine might make you think that. A very interesting rock ballad, which is not very catchy but leaves a strong impression. However, it is not sure if this would be the very best choice for Moscow.

And it is time for the next guest of the night, Greek Sakis Rouvas who performs This is our night with a large group of dancers. Sakis is asked what he has to advise artists who enter the contest so that they conquer their anxiety: "Enjoy", he says.

13. Alexey Vorobyov – Heart hunting

Despite the English title Alexey's song is in Russian. Uptempo pop and a full chorepgraphy with Alexey accompanied by five lady dancers in red body suits. What the song lacks is that special something that would make it stick to mind. Seems Alexey has had an accident as his right arm is in a cast with the word Eurovision painted over it. That doesn't stop him from trying to perform a backflip which is not that successful as he drops on the floor face down.

14. Unisex – Ai-yai

Ai ai ai, oh oh oh. This is quite an energetic performance, mostly lost to the TV audoence though due to the weird camera shots, either very close or through the audience's heads. A pop rock entry and good vocals from Unisex but still …..

15. Arishata – Breakdown

Electronic, vibrating RnB from exotic looking Arishata now. A ensemble in blue, with four dancers and three back vocalists. The singer does an excellent job vocally and is enthusiastically received by the audience

16. Quatro- Lyubov

Last song for tonight. Boy band Quatro perform their slow, rythmic entry very well recieving huge rounds of applause in between. Well coordinated they provide a good ending to the show

The top three are:

  • Anastasiya PrikhodkoMama
  • ValeriyaBack to love
  • QuatroLjubov

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