Live: fourth semi final in Sweden

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The fourth semi final of the Swedish selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Eight acts will compete for two tickets to the national final.


A webcast will be made available on SVT's official website here.

Sverige Radio 4 here.


Composer/lyricist in brackets.

  1. AgnesLove, love, love (Anders Hansson)
  2. Star PilotsHigher (Johan Becker, Johan Fjellström, Joakim Udd/Johan Becker)
  3. Susanne AlfvengrenDu är älskad där du går (Bobby Ljunggren, Henrik Wikström/Ingela Forsman)
  4. Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas StorengKilling me tenderly (Amir Alu, Henrik Wikström, Tobbe Pettersen)
  5. Thorleifs Sweet kissin' in the moonlight (Thorleifs)
  6. Sarah Dawn FinerMoving on (Sarah Dawn Finer, Fredrik Kempe)
  7. Next 3Esta noche (Michael Xavier Barrazza, Jimmy Almgren, Adam Soleiman)
  8. Malena ErnmanLa voix (Frederik Kempe)


The show has started. We can listen to a very new version of Listen to your heartbeat, the Swedish entry in 2001.

1. AgnesLove, love, love

Current poll result: 10.1% (4th)

The show opens with a classic Europop entry that has a slight hint of Don't hurry love by the Supremes. Unlike the customary wind machine, the catwalk on stage and the gold outfit are definitely an eye-catcher. Generally a rather nice entry but obviously not outstanding or memorable enough to go very far in this selection.

2. Star PilotsHigher

Current poll result: 8.0% (6th)

The show continues with a rather uninspired 1990s boygroup tune. Although it can easily be remembered, the song is very predictable, overly commercial and not very authentic. The military theme on stage seems more than slightly out-of-place and it is hard to believe that this entry would do well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

3. Susanne AlfvengrenDu är älskad där du går

Current poll result: 8.5% (5th)

The first ballad tonight. While it sounds a bit too much like other Ljunggren/Wikström, the vocal performance is very emotional and the static stage performance works perfectly with it. However, it might not be a favourite tonight.

4. Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas StorengKilling me tenderly

Current poll result: 35.7% (1st)

The song starts off like a James Bond theme tune and it creates a very nice feeling on stage. While the chorus is a bit weaker than the verse, it's generally a very strong entry that is catchy and works well on stage. The two singers charm the audience away and they are obviously the perfect choice for the song.

5. Thorleifs Sweet kissin' in the moonlight

Current poll result: 0.5% (8th)

The fifth song tonight can be either seen as nostalgic or old-fashioned. The performance works well with it and the band seems to entertain the audience, but it has to be questioned if this entry would even have the slightest chance at the Eurovision Song Contest.

6. Sarah Dawn FinerMoving on

Current poll result: 17.1% (3rd)

Sarah Dawn Finer presents a very strong ballad. The vocals are flawless and the stage presentation works well with this entry. However, once again it can be questioned if the wind machine was really needed.

7. Next 3Esta noche

Current poll result: 2.5% (7th)

A very happy and funny summer pop tune with some hip hop. A very modern performance that goes well with the song. However, such songs do not really have to do well as was shown by the Moldovan entry in 2006.

8. Malena ErnmanLa voix (Frederik Kempe)

Current poll result: 17.6% (2nd)

This is the last possible Swedish entrant in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest. Malena Ernman can prove that she is a very strong singer, however the mix of Europop and operatic elements seems to be rather synthetic once in a while. Nevertheless, a very interesting entry that has good chances of doing well tonight.

We are in the green room and the first results are about to be revealed.

Susanne Alfvengren, Maria Haukaas Storeng & Anna Sahlene and Next 3 are eliminated finishing 8th, 7th and 6th respectively!

The first pair: Star Pilots vs. Agnes.

Agnes goes to the national final, Star Pilots enter the second chance.

The second pair: Sarah Dawn Finer vs. Malena Ernman.

Malena Ernman goes to the final, Sarah Dawn Finer enters the second chance.

Sarah Dawn Finer is the choice of the international jury.

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