Tonight: Second semi final in FYR Macedonia

by Marcus Klier 57 views

Tonight, the second semi final of the FYR Macedonian selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest will be held. Another 16 acts will present their songs and compete for the last eight places in the national final tomorrow.

The show

The show will start at 20:30 CET. 16 acts will present one song each and the winner will be chosen by a mixture of jury voting and televoting (counting 50% each).


A webcast will be available here.

If you can't access the webcast directly click here, then click on the seventh icon from the left near the bottom of the webpage, with the letters MRT.

You can watch the show also on MKTV Sat, Hotbird 13E 11471V 27500 5/


  1. Dejan Trifunovski – Ljubovta doaga
  2. Stefan Cvetkovski – Zemi sve
  3. Jasmina Dimitrovska – Na moe mesto
  4. Filip Jordanovski – Volsebnik
  5. Vlatko Ilievski – Najbogat na svet
  6. Venera – Povtorno ljubena
  7. Patnici – Nasmej se
  8. Aleksandar Belov – Sastano solzi izbrici
  9. Kaliopi & Naum – Rum dum dum
  10. Amir Ibraimovski – Otvori go srceto
  11. Bravo – Devojiko
  12. Vlatko Lozanovski – Bliski do mene
  13. Pampersi – Zboguvanje
  14. Rock Agresori – Ding dong
  15. Nade Talevska – Dali mislis na nas
  16. Kristijan – Nema da zboram

Your opinion

You can vote for your favourite in the show here.

FYR Macedonia has qualified for the Eurovision Song Contestfinal in every year with one semi final just to miss the top ten. Last year, Tamara, Vrcak & Adrijan would have also qualified according to the televoting as they finished 10th with their song Let me love you. However, the jury joker was given to Sweden eliminatingthe FYRMacedonian entry in thesecond semi final.

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