Georgia: Interview with Tika Patsatsia

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Tika Patsatsia, who finished 5th in the Georgian national final for the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest with Never change and will try again to represent her country tonight with Miracle spoke about her participation. Furtheremore, composer Gorgios Kalpakidis talked about his look towards the Eurovision Song Contest.

Interview with Tika Patsatsia

This is the 2nd time you enter the Georgian final. What would it mean to you to represent Georgia in Moscow?

First of all, this is a great chance for me to show my work to people. If I manage to win this final and represent Georgia in Moscow, it would be the biggest honor for me!!! I love so much my country and want the best for Georgia, especially in those difficult times that Georgian people are going through. That’s why I want so much to sing Miracle. It’s a song for love and I know that love makes us stronger and also makes us create only good things!!

What can we expect from Miracle? Have you prepared a special show for the presentation of the song?

The truth is that we had onlytwo weeks to be prepared. So we had to do our best for this wonderful song. Nina Ananiashvili, one of the greatest choreographics has contributed to the maximum. I truly believe that the tonight presentation will justify an excellent Eurovision performance. For me, Miracle is something beautiful and the lyrics were just an inspiration for me. So, as a ballet dancer myself, I wanted to show all these emotions by unique atmosphere. Tonight on stagefour ballet dancers will accompanying me!! Costumes, lights and dance, I’m sure it’s going to “take us” in a “Miracle” word.

Tell us a bit more about you and your work so far and about your cooperation with Gorgi.

Oh my God! What can I say? After last year’s participation, I said that I would never do that again. And then, there was Gorgi’s email with his proposal. From the first time I heard Miracle, I said to myself that I must sing this song. It has such beautiful lyrics, music, everything… a true inspiration for me!! It really touched my heard and I said that I had to do it! I felt the love, the power that a song can give to our soul, and I thank Gorgi for this gift.

Do you have a message for the Georgians of our site? And one for the international fans who will be watching you (via webcast) tonight?

I really want to send my love to everyone who is supporting us around Europe. I’ve been informed that they like ourMiracle very much. Love and support is the most important thing for me, and that gives me the power to support this song with all my strength!! A big Thanks to all esctoday fans and let’s hope that this is going to be Georgia’s Miracle this year.

Interview with Gorgios Kalpakidis

Although you are Greek you believe that will be an advantage for Georgias’ final, as Greece takes good results in the Eurovision Song Contest lately?

I’m here with a powerful pop song. I truly believe that Eurovision needs that. From the first time, I felt warmly welcomed to Georgia just like been there before. Even though I’m here only for a day, I found out that we have a lot of similarities as nations!! I hope that been a Greek will work in our benefit!

Tell us a bit about your song from the composer’s point of view.

As I say, it is my best Eurovision effort. It is a powerful pop song with strong lyrics and a catchy melody. After hearing Tika singing, I was sure that this was the best choice for my song. And I was right!!! Tika is a Miracle for me and deserves to go to Moscow! She is a great professional who is dedicated 100% to the project!

Will we expect more Eurovision entries from you in the future?

Definitely Yes!! But for now I’m focus on this year’s Georgian entry! I want also to send my appreciation to our supporters and esctoday fans! I wish we have a great final tonight!

Your opinion

You can vote for your favourite in the Georgia national final here.

Georgia took part in the Eurovision Song Contest twice so far making it to the final on both occasions. In 2007, Sopho finished 12th with her entry Visionary dream while Diana Gurtskaya reached 11th place last year with Peace will come. In 2009, the country will take part in the first semi final on 12th May.

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