Your 2009 favourites so far (2)

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So far, 20 of the 43 entries in the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest are known. Everytime an entry is selected, holds a poll asking the readers to evaluate the song and since last week, weekly charts are presented to show the most popular entries chosen so far among the readers.

How does it work?

Once an entry is selected, a poll is held with the following six options: I love it, I like it, It's ok, It's nothing special, I don't like it and I hate it. The options are transferred to points of the values 3, 2, 1, -1, -2 and -3 respectively. The percentage an option got is then multiplied by its value. Therefore, the highest score an entry can get is +300, the lowest is -300. All polls remain open until the Eurovision Song Contest in May, so the placings may change every week.

Charts for 16th February 2009

The results are based on the votes cast until 20:00 CET.

Pl. Country Song Score Last week Change Poll
1 UK It's my time 109,4 118,2 (4th) up here
2 Finland Lose control 107,3 141,9 (2nd) = here
3 Turkey Düm tek tek 96,2 155,9 (1st) down here
4 Iceland Is it true? 82,5 NEW here
5 Denmark Believe again 80,1 130,1 (3rd) down here
6 France Et s'il fallait le faire 68,8 54.0 (10th) up here
7 Montenegro Just get out of my life 64,7 111.0 (5th) down here
8 Malta What if we 46,8 61.0 (9th) up here
9 Germany Miss kiss kiss bang 40,4 NEW here
10 Andorra La teva decisió 39,8 76.5 (7th) down here
11 Slovenia Love symphony 38,6 46.5 (11th) = here
12 Albania Në merr në ëndërr 32,4 63.2 (8th) down here
13 Poland I don't wanna leave 31,1 NEW here
14 Moldova Hora din Moldova 25,6 NEW here
15 Lithuania Pasiklydes zmogus 2,2 NEW here
16 Romania The Balkan girls 0,3 21.1 (12th) down here
17 Netherlands Shine -5,4 -5.4 (13th) down here
18 Cyprus Firefly -79,2 -104.9 (14th) down here
19 Armenia Nor par -121,8 NEW here
20 Belarus Eyes that never lie -173,4 -154.0 (15th) down here

Turkey had to give away its top position and drops to thrid place. The United Kingdom is now on top of the list rising from #4 last week. Iceland is the highest new entrant entering at #4. Belarus remains at the bottom of the list and is the only country with a worse placing than newcomer Armenia. France rises from tenth to sixth place and is therefore the biggest winner of the week. Despite maintaning last week's score, the Netherlands dropped the most on the list.

Remember that if you have not done so, you can still vote in the polls to influence next week's charts.

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