France : Who will commentate on the Big Night ?

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Last Friday, February 6th, French daily paper Le Parisien / Aujourd'hui En France and websites announced that this year's Eurovision Song Contest will have once again a duet to comment the final show. Laurent Ruquier was early confirmed but it seems his fellow commentator was still uncertain.

Early rumours had Steevy Boulay as Ruquier’s TV partner. Boulay is one of most famous candidates of Loft Story 1 (French version of Big Brother) and has become a regular guest of Ruquiers TV and radio talk shows as well as a theatre actor. This information was not confirmed and last week’s announcement talked about famous singer Liane Foly. Papers which gave the news also wrote that Marie Laforêt (another famous French singer and actress, as well as a member of Ruquier’s radio team) previously said Yes, then No…On Saturday, Télé Loisirs’ website reported on Foly’s final decision : she’s too busy with her present tour and therefore would not be available for Moscow. And yet today, Foly’s schedule seems to have changed a little bit as she might be confirmed soon. A quick look at her concert planning shows that she only has one date in May (on the 1st).More mysterious is what is reported on today at 12:32 CET : Laurent Ruquier would not be the male commentator ! “It’s simply because my talkshow takes place at the same moment on France 2”, he declares, “there’s no polemics here, I just can’t be in two places at the same time”.

Since 2001, France 3 has chosen a duet to be its voice on the Big Night. According to the channel, the comments are as important as the show itself and famous names have been committed : presenters (Laurent Ruquier, Michel Drucker, Elsa Fayer, Julien Lepers, Tex), journalists (Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Guy Carlier), comedian (Isabelle Mergault), singer (Dave) and even Jean-Paul Gaultier, in 2008.

As a member of the Big 4, France will directly enter the competition on May 16. France will also broadcast the second semi-final and have the opportunity to vote, on May 14. But this will be another channel of the France Télévisions network : France 4.

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