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The Maltese national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to he held. The twenty songs will compete to get the ticket to Moscow.

A WEBCAST is provided here.


  1. The ElementsHa hi hu (Carm Fenech)
  2. BaklavaKamikaze lover (Philip Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  3. J. AnvilChoose your number (Augusto Cardinali/Giovann Attard)
  4. Wayne MicallefWhere I belong (Wayne Micallef/Luke Ambrogio)
  5. Classic RebelsTonight at the opera (Ralph Siegel/Bernd Meinunger as 'John O'Flynn')
  6. Vittorio & DorothyPromises (Chan Vella/Alexia Schembri)
  7. ChiaraWhat if we (Marc Paelinck/Gregory Bilsen)
  8. Rosman PaceOne million ways (Rosman Pace)
  9. QBefore you walk away (Paul Giordimaina/Fleur Balzan)
  10. Kylie ColeiroLet it shine (Andrew Zahra/Joe Julian Farrugia)
  11. Jamie TonnaWhere was I? (Jason Paul Cassar/Mario J. Farrugia)
  12. Christine BarbaraLife is an opera (Rita Pace)
  13. Eleanor CassarSomeday (Paul Giordimaina/Fleur Balzan)
  14. RaquelaCrossroads (Philip Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  15. Miriam ChristineMama (Miram Christine Warner)
  16. Georgina & Ruth CasingenaAvalon (Paul Abela/Joe Julian Farrugia)
  17. Alison EllulTypical me (Philip Vella/Gerard J. Borg)
  18. TrilogyThe song in your heart (Paul Abela/Joe Julian Farrugia)
  19. Claudia FanielloBlue sonata (Ray Agius)
  20. KlinsmannButterfly sky (Klinsmann Coleiro/Joe Julian Farrugia)

Dispite some good results in the past Malta never maganed to win the Eurovision Song Contest. Chiara was pretty close to win the contest, she was third in 1998 with the song The one that i love and second in 2005 with Angel.In 2008, Morena failed to qualify finishing 14th in the second semi final with the song Vodka.


The show has started. The opening act, is a ballet performance with the dancers dressed in red and black on a blue stage that changes as the intensity of the music into different kinds of blue. The theme is Music is all around us. The presenters now enter the stage and they are both dressed in grey and silver.

1. The ElementsHa hi hu

Current poll result: 0.5% (=18th)

This is ahappy anthem withstrong vocals but alack of imagination in the mooves. A cheer up song that is still a bit overrated.

2. BaklavaKamikaze lover

Current poll result: 3.3% (6th)

A dramatic song, with the violinpart beingthe main element. The lyrics are spoken instead of sung, it seems like an opera act with a modern touch. It reminds of the Phantom of the operaand it isquite original.

3. J. AnvilChoose your number

Current poll result: 2.3% (=8th)

A strong voice, there is not a single note out of the tune. He is charming and confident but this is still an average song wich is easily forgetable.

4. Wayne MicallefWhere I belong

Current poll result: 0.9% (=16th)

Wayne's song is good to listen to, sweet but it misses something, which is probaly caused by a lack of emotion, the key element that makes the song grow on us.

5. Classic RebelsTonight at the opera

Current poll result: 2.8% (7th)

This group provides strong vocals to this funny and funky song. However, it might not be strong enough to do well tonight. Generally a very 1980s style and typical for Ralph Siegel.

6. Vittorio & DorothyPromises

Current poll result: 1.9% (=13th)

This very handsome duo performs a pleasant song and the voices are in harmony. However, this still can be seen as a déjà vu as it is nothing new and something to be expected at the Eurovision Song Contest every year.

7. ChiaraWhat if we

Current poll result: 1st (42.7%)

Vocally, the performance has no single mistake, but the song is still far from getting close to the two other songs she sang in the Eurovision Song Contest. It is probably not strong enough to justice her voice.

8. Rosman PaceOne million ways

Current poll result: 2.3% (=8th)

Rosman delivers a flawless performance with strong vocals. The song is solid, but not outstanding and probably too old-fashioned to suceed in the contest.

9. QBefore you walk away

Current poll result: 1.4% (15th)

The combination of voices is outstanding . A risky choice that works very well on stage. This could do well.

10. Kylie ColeiroLet it shine

Current poll result: 0.9% (=16th)

Kylie is a sweet teenage singer and she performs a typical teenage song. She sings it very well and in a convincing way.

11. Jamie TonnaWhere was I?

Current poll result: 0.5% (=18th)

The vocals are strong but the song sounds too much like many others we have heard in the Eurovision Song Contest over the years. As it is performed in the middle of the line-up, it gets a bit lost among the other performances. Maybe it would have been noticed more if it had been performed at the beginning.

12. Christine BarbaraLife is an opera

Current poll result: 1.9% (=13th)

As the title suggests, this is an opera act. The voice is very strong and it stands out in tonight's line-up although it is not sure how well this song works on stage.

13. Eleanor CassarSomeday

Current poll result: 2.3% (=8th)

This is probably the most powerful performance on stage so far. The voice is very strong and she performs a solid rock ballad.

14. RaquelaCrossroads

Current poll result: 6.1% (=3rd)

Raquela delivers rather strong vocals but she goes off-key sometimes. The song is not too catchy but it can grow on one while listening to it.

15. Miriam ChristineMama

Current poll result: 2.3% (=8th)

The lyrics of this song are very touching and Miriam Christine performs it in an emotional way. However, the overall entry might be a bit too simple to do well.

16. Georgina & Ruth CasingenaAvalon

Current poll result: 2.3% (=8th)

This a rather different and confusing act as it mixes dance with opera. Although it is interesting, it doesn't seem to work very well on stage.

17. Alison EllulTypical me

Current poll result: 0% (20th)

The song is like many others that we have heard tonight and way too predictable. However, the singer has energy she manages to show on stage.

18. TrilogyThe song in your heart

Current poll result: 6.1% (=3rd)

Again, opera is an element in this entry. A strong performance that seemed to please the audience. It definitely has potential to make it through.

19. Claudia FanielloBlue sonata

Current poll result: 15.9% (2nd)

An R'n'B song performed by a powerful voice although it is a bit static overall. It lacks some energy and is a bit repetitive.

20. KlinsmannButterfly sky

Current poll result: 4.2% (5th)

Klinsmann performs a happy but average song that is a bit forgettable despite of the singer's innocent smile to the camera that surely catches some attention.

RESULTS: first round

The following acts were chosen by the jury to reach the next round:

  • Chiara
  • Q
  • Eleanor Cassar

Eleanor Cassar finished third. Q finished second and Chiara won the national final.

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