Melodifestivalen 2009: Rehearsals Day Two

by Benny Royston 88 views

The second round of technical rehearsals are underway in Gothenburg, Sweden as the country continues it's quest to find its 2009 Eurovision Song Contest entry. From more than 3,400 songs submitted, 32 remain and the first eight prepare for the new look competition complete with knock-out rounds to select the finalists and second chance participants. During today's rehearsals, the artists are in full dress ahead of tomorrow's show.

Song 1 Nina Soderquist – Tick Tock

Another strong round of rehearsals for the stage star come rock chick. In costume for today's rehearsal, Nina wears a black leather catsuit style outfit with backing dancers in black sleveless tops and trousers. The effects work well with the dance routine and stage performance and Nina's star does seem to be rising in the competition

Song 2 Jonathan Fagerlund – Welcome to my life

Going for the youthful look, Jonathan is dressed in a black sleeveless tshirt to show off his arms and blue jeans with a chain. The girls are wearing a variety of trendy outfits as the song looks set to appeal to the youth vote. The video screens show aerial shots of towns and cities that add to the song's appeal. The vocals are stronger today and Jonathan will be looking forward to tomorrow's semi final.

Song 3 Shirley Clamp – Med hjartat fyllt av ljus

Shirley Clamp will be wearing a dark navy flowing ballroom gown as she performs Med hjartat fyllt av ljus. The gentle ballad is supported with flowery and emotive background images on the video screens and the lighting uses moving blue and white spotlights to create a strong visual performance to accompany the unique and popular vocals that Shirley has become famous for. The flowing blue material is broght to life by the return of the infamous swedish wind machine, sparking memories of Carola's 2006 performance.The song remains one of the most popular choices to go forwards to the final at Globen, Stockholm according to the press in the arena, even though Shirley is holding back her voice in preparation for the dress rehearal to night and tomorrow's show.

Song 4 Scotts – Jag tror pa oss

Dressed in black and grey jackets and black trousers, Scotts are looking equally relaxed on stage today with their danceband / schlager song. The camera works well moving around between the band members and the three backing singers as we see for the first time at Melodifestivalen more people on stage than the magic six allowed should the song win and go forward to the Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow.

Song 5 Emilia – You're my world

Emilia is dressed in a gold top with black trousers as she starts her mowtown-esque song with a more jazzy indie style introduction. Blue and yellow lights from above with theatre style big lights on screen and effective support from the Melodifestivalen choir provide a polished performance for her competitive debut.

Song 6 Alcazar – Stay the night

Pink and blue are the colours for Alcazar, albeit understated. Andreas is in a black pvc jacket and trousers with a blue touch and pink tie. The cirls are in pink cat suit and blue sixties style dress with a pink belt. The screens fill with speaker style circular colours and glitterballs everywhere as the song mixes retro with modern beats and dance mixing. The keychange works well for the most traditionally Swedish eurosong of the heat. The performance works well on camera and over the three minutes, gets the audience going. A third final for a three piece band at their third attempt? It seems likely according to many members of the press in the arena today.

Song 7 – Caroline af Ugglas – Snalla snalla

Caroline af Ugglas wears a white mini dress with long sleaves and turquoise boots for a performance with more than a little facial expression. The song is very understated made up for with big body language. The lighting and effects are simple, adding to the effect of the dramatic performance. There is something hypnotic in this alternative style song and it has the potential to surprise people tomorrow night.

Song 8 – Marie Serbeholt – Disconnect Me

Tanned and toned, Marie goes for the white mini-dress with a feathered lower section, acessorised matching material bracelet and silver boots. The vocals sound stronger today, despite the amount of movement during the song. The dancers and backing vocalists add to the performance for a floor filling uptempo effort.

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