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Live, it's the National Final of the United Kingdom's national selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is being held. The remaining three acts compete to be the UK representative at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest 2009. Eurovision: Your Country Needs You is the search for the performer(s) who will perform the song 'It's My Time' written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren.

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LIVE Report

The show is about to begin at 19:40 CET (18:40 local time), stay tuned…

We begin the show…

Host Graham Norton(GN) introduces Andrew Lloyd Webber(ALW).
GN introduces the acts who perform a group performance of Bucks Fizz – "Making Your Mind up."

Joining ALW on the advice panel are Lulu from Eurovision fame and Duncan James from boyband 'Blue'.

First up its Jade with "Lady Marmalade" (Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and L'il Kim).
A raunchy sexy number, dressed in a tight catsuit Jade is joined by two female backing singers dressed in sexy tops with hotpants. A great vocal by Jade. Three male dancers dressed in black now join her in stage. A very passionate and hot performance by Jade.

ALW: Completeely Eurovision! Slamdunk as they say in America.
Lulu: You tick all the boxes, is this what they want for Eurovision?
Duncan: The cat suit is hot! You're great and you have great star quality, well done!

Second up its Mark with "Try a little tenderness" (The Commitments).
Mark dressed in black jeans and a tight white t-shirt he is joined by 3 female backing singers dressed in black dresses. An uptempo disco type ballad, Mark works the audience well to get them all going. The audience are on their feet.

ALW: I enjoyed that, a very polished performance, amost over studied.
Duncan: You rocked it out a little which was good.

Third up its The Twins with "Sweet About Me" (Gabriella Cilmi)
The twins are dressed in black evening dresses and grey trousers. A subtle song, no big performance. Audience are clapping along. Somewhat boring song but good harmonies.

ALW: Your sweet and adorable. Your fantastic, quite extraordinary.
Lulu: I've had my doubts at the start os the series with you 2, but i've changed my mind. Great determination!

Graham Norton reminds us that Dima Bilan (last years Eurovision winner) will sing live.

Now, we're going to hear all 3 acts perform "It's My Time" the song that the UK will be represented with at Eurovision 2009 in Moscow.

ALW: I'm nervous now! Good luck everybody!

First to sing "It's My Time" is Mark…

Dressed in a black suit with yellow shirt, Mark opens the performace quietly, to a powerful passionate ballad. The song begins to build up a little bit. This song seems to focus on the use of the voice. Then the orchestra takes over the middle of the song. It seems the song is too powerful for Mark. Hearing it for the first time, its a classical song but is it fit for Mark for Eurovision?

Second to sing "It's My Time" is The Twins…

Dressed in white dresses and surrounded by white smoke, the Twins look somewhat depict a pair of angels. A much better and clearer performance. Is this song much more suitable to a female vocalist, I think so! A couple of great harmonies. Are they for Eurovision?

Finally to sing "It's My Time" is Jade…

Dressed in a sparkly silver dress Jade begins by sitting on the steps. She also opens the performance quietly to give a powerful passionate ballad. Jade is very expressive in her performace, almost acting out the performance to get the message of the song across to the viewers. She moves to the front of the stage to show off her huge voice. The audience applaude. She finishes off the song on a quiet note to a somewhat somber applause from the audience.

Lulu: A great song, the viewers must vote!
ALW: Terrific performances, whoever wins you have my 101% commitment behind you.

Graham Norton announces that ALW will donate all royalties for the song to the BBC performance fund.

Lines are now open…

The acts are now back where ALW chooses from the songs they sang during the series.

First up its the Twins with "The Promise" (Girls Aloud)

Dressed in pink dresses the girls are joined on stage by 3 male backing dancers in black suits. An upbeat performance which show off their vocal and stage presense. The audience sing and clap along.

Second its Jade with "Deja Vu" (Beyonce)

Dressed in a dark blue short dress, Jade is joined by 4 female backing dancers. A great dance song showing off Jade's vocal and performance ability. The audience also sing and clap along.

Finally its Mark with "Me And Mrs Jones" by Billy Paul

Dressed in a red shirt with black jeans. Mark performs a sexy and passionate version of the song. This song seems to break him out of his comfort zone and shows off his vulnerability. He works the camera well to get across the message of the song. The audience give him a great round of applause.

We now meet Dima Bilan dressed in a black leather jacket and black jeans.

Dima: I wish them all good luck!

We now take a look back at Andrews search for the UK Eurovision acts.

Now the acts knocked out of the series Damian, Charlotte and Emporers of Souls perform "Relight my Fire" by Take That with Lulu.

The phone lines have now closed.

Now Dima Bilan performs "Believe" the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2008.

Now the results…

In 3rd place its Mark.
In 2nd place its The Twins.
In 1st place its Jade.

Therefore, Jade will represent the United Kingdom at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow with "It's My Time".

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