Replay: Live – first semi final in Romania

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The first semi final of Romanian selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest has just started.

A WEBCASTof the show will be provided here .

The 12 songs that compete are (composer/lyricist in brackets):

  1. ZeroSunny days
    (Radu Bolfea, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian B)
  2. Nico & Moni-KDisco Maniacs
    (LaurenÅ£iu Matei/Monica Mândrescu)
  3. DDEveryday
    (Marius Pop/Adina Dr�goescu)
  4. Romeo ZahariaSomeone like you
    (Romeo Zaharia/Mihaela Barbu)
  5. Floriana PachiaTake the chance
    (Floriana Pachia)
  6. AlexaA girl like me
    (Radu Bolfea, Marcel Botezan, Sebastian Barac/Alexa)
  7. Popas BandStriga
    (Marius Popa)
  8. Juan XavierPerdóname
    (Ionuţ Botea, George Hora/Ionuţ Botea)
  9. TabascoPurple
    (Norbert Kovacs/Ion Faghiura, Norbert Kovacs)
  10. TinaPleaca
    (Cornel Ilie)
  11. DalmaLove was never her friend
    (Marius Moga)
  12. Blaxy GirlsDear Mama
    (Costi Ioniţ�/Ruxandra Iliescu)

1. ZeroSunny days

Current poll result: 3rd (14.3%)

Zero have already finished 5th in last year's Romanian final. This year they present a straightforward britpop entry with a catchy melody and strong vocals. Song and performance come across very well on screen. However, if this is outstanding enough to do well at the Eurovision Song Contest.

2. Nico & Moni-KDisco Maniacs

Current poll result: 1st (24.3%)

Both Nico and Moni-K are national final veterans and Nico even represented Romania last year just to finish 20th with Vlad. Their song is a cathy disco song (as you might tell from the title) and it works well on stage. The vocals are strong (even if not flawless) and the performance (including a white sofa – is that a new idea?) suits the overall entry.

3. DDEveryday

Current poll result: 10th (1.4%)

While not of tremendously low quality, this song is by far less spectacular than the previous two ones. The hookline is not very memorable and it is hard to believe that this will go very far in the national selection (not to mention the Eurovsion Song Contest) despite a rather strong vocal performance by the charming lead singer.

4. Romeo ZahariaSomeone like you

Current poll result: =11th (0%)

Romeo Zaharia has aready taken part in 2003, 2004 and 2005 being moderately succesful. This year presents a rather old-fashioned disco attempt. The singer obviuosly lacks the style and charm to present an up-tempo song in an authentic way. Generally no obvious favourite for Moscow 2009.

5. Floriana PachiaTake the chance

Current poll result: =11th (0%)

Floriana is one of the few female singer-songwriters in the Romanian selection. The singer presents a timeless and hymnalworld ballad that is catchy but slightly reminds of a familar tune. The vocals are by far not flawless but emotional, although the spark is not able to set the audience on fire. However, it was a good choice to change the red dress from the preview video for a more classy black one, which suits song and performance much better.

6. AlexaA girl like me

Current poll result: =7th (4.3%)

A catchy but very simple up-tempo pop song slightly in the style of Indiggo, who took part in 2006 and tried to do so the year after. A somewhat refreshing entry that stillmight be a few years too late to do well at the Eurovision Song Contest. Besides that, the wannabe-hip-hop performance in the background seems to more than a bit out-of-place.

7. Popas BandStriga

Current poll result: 6th (5.7%)

A theatrical presentation presentation for this rockish ballad. The most striking part (apart from the repetitive chorus and the vocals going off key from time to time, especially at the finale) is the singers’ attires. The lead singer reminds us of last year’s Azeri entry, Elnur and Samir in one, angel wings, white makeup and black contact lenses. He is accompanied by a female singer in ancient, classical attire and two more musicians on stage in hobo outfits.

8. Juan Xavier – Perdóname

Current poll result: 9th (2.9%)

Another ballad now, in Spanish this time. Xavier stands center stage accompanied by two backing vocalsts. The song is pleasant and memorable and the use of Spanish makes it more romantic.

Video upcoming

9.Tabasco – Purple

Current poll result: =7th (4.3%)

Another ballad now from Tabasco and a very interesting presentation for this tender song. The lead singer performs the entire song talking on a payphone to his loved one. In a way it seems very credible and touching. Good vocals, and a contemporary sound create a very pleasurable result.

10. Tina – Pleaca

Current poll result: 4th (12.9%)

Pleaca starts off as a ballad but picks up momentum as the song progresses. The lead singer dressed as a mannequin, acts like one in the beginning as well. One more mannequin like lady accompanies her on stage for purely decorative purposes. Tina is quite correct vocally, if slightly off at times but the overall impression is quite interesting.

11. Dalma – Love was never her friend

Current poll result: 2nd (21.4%)

Dalma is accompanied on stage by four male dancers dressed like street mimes, face painting and all. A pleasant song overall and a good vocal performance of this song like many we have enjoyed in the Romanian preselections over the years.

12. Blaxy GirlsDear Mama

Current poll result: 5th (8.6%)

Blaxy girls, who vaguely remind us of Vanilla Ninja, perform their rock ballad to the point. If one were to judge by the prolonged, enthusiastic applause they received at the end of their performance this one should have no problem qualifying tonight.

So far Blaxy girls are leading the televote by a huge margin, having recieved twice the votes the second song has. Following in thefive next spots are Dalma, Tabasco, Zero, Tina and Popas band.

To the final:

  • Popas Band – Striga
  • Blaxy Girls – Dear Mama
  • Zero – Sunny days
  • Tabasco – Purple
  • Dalma – Love was never her friend
  • Tina – Pleaca

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