Slovenia: ManuElla films Eurovision postcard

by Jessica Weaver 488 views

Postcards for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest continue to be filmed this weekend, this time in Slovenia with the nation’s chosen representative, ManuElla.

Last month, the concept behind this year’s Eurovision postcards were revealed in which this year’s clips will focus on the chosen representative’s home country as well as their professional lives. A number of locations within each participating country have been chosen where each of the video shoots will take place.

Today, Slovenia’s postcard for the contest was filmed in the eastern town of Laško in which in country’s representative, ManuElla, took part in a number of different activities, some of which included cycling, visiting a brewery and performing with the brass band.

ManuElla was selected to represent Slovenia at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest following her victory in the country’s national final, Evrovizijska Melodija (EMA).

Competing with her entry Blue and red, ManuElla and Slovenia will perform in the second semi-final on the 12 May in a bid to qualify to the grand final of the Eurovision Song Contest on the 14 May.

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