Portugal : Luciana Abreu promises a surprise on stage

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Luciana Abreu retries her luck at Festival RTP da canção four years after her presence in the Eurovision Song Contest in Kyiv where she was part of the band 2B with the song Amar. The well-known Portuguese singer, actress and presenter spoke to esctoday.com and you can read the interview below.

Your career began with stakes victories in numerous competitions for Karaoke. When was the first time you thought of becoming a singer?

Since I was little. I grew up saying i wanted to be a singer, actress and presenter. I often used to say to my mother: "Mom, one day I will be a star." How funny… I remember saying it when I was still a little child.

The conquest of victory in the competition Cantigas da rua was your first major public appearance. How did it feel to win the contest?

It was a very strange, because I was often forbidden to attend this competition but as always destiny and the hand of God prevailed. It is one of the memories that will stay in my memory until I am old . I felt immense joy.

Then came the participation in the competition of talents Idols. What did this experience teach you about the art world and the world of television?

I learned not lower my guard and not give up the dream just because things do not run like I wanted. Sometimes one is not positive and is a great victory.

The participation in the Eurovision Song Contest , one can assume, was a dream come true. How did the result make you feel?

I was a little disappointed, because technically, as we all know, we did not go well but I felt victorious for placing 13th and achieving the maximum score of 12 points in all countries of strong Portuguese diaspora (Germany, France, Switzerland, etc.. ) and given that Portugal is the pollen of a flower, we were very well classified.

Looking back, which would you say were the positive and negative points of your participation in the Eurovision Song Contest?

The most positive thing was that I gained experience, learned to face the fear and panic of the stage and the crowd and yet find the strength I have inside me each time I come on stage. There is no negative thing, because the wealth of not having won is part of my happy learning.

Do you already have an idea about your performance on stage in Festival da Cancao 2009? Can you reveal something about the choreography?

This is a closely guarded secret. I locked it up and threw the key away! It will a surprise for you all.

What about your image? Do you have a team responsible to take care of the matter, a designer well known?

Until we know whether or not selected for the 12 songs chosen, we do not think of it. I learned that we should not make plans in advance.

For you what are the strengths of his song, goals and objectives that can bring fans to choose it as a finalist for Festival RTP da Cancao by voting online?

With the help, wisdom and good heart of Carlos Coincas, we both wrote the lyrics that call for strength, courage, hope, peace, solidarity and always ''fight'' our dreams. I am a perfectionist and I do what I believe in , so from the bottom of my heart I think this music should touch many people because it is so strong and positive and the message is so powerful that that people will ielate to it. It is a warrior anthem of hope for a better world.

Do you want to leave a message to the many eurofans who visit our site?

Yes,I wish them all the best asI wish for myself. I also thank those who accompany me, who vote as is logical, because it is very important to me and also thank those who think like me, we will join forces and together – "VAMOS CONSEGUIR'' (YES WE CAN).

esctoday.com would like to thank thank Luciana Abreu for granting us this interview.

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