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Live, the third elimination show of the United Kingdom's national selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is being held. The remaining four acts compete to be among the three who will reach the National Final next week. Eurovision: Your Country Needs You is the search for the performer(s) who will perform the song written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Diane Warren.

WEBCAST 1 – United Kingdom: BBC1 Live (UK residents only) click here!

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LIVE Report

The show is about to begin 19:30 CET (18:30 local time), stay tuned…

Graham Norton (GN) introduces Andrew Lloyd Webber (ALW).

The acts now perform a group performance of Lulu's Boom Bang a Bang.

We are introduced to ALW's advisors Lulu, Alisha Dixon from girlband Mis-Teeq (UK Strictly Come Dancing Winner) and Emma Bunto from girlband Spice Girls.

First up its Mark with Rock Your Body (Justin Timberlake)
Dancing in a white top jeans and grey tshite, an energetic dance performance with siz backing dancers. This song shows off Mark's performance ability both as a singer and dancer. With is handsome good looks, singing and dancing could this be a winner.

ALW: A great performance, your almost complete!
Lulu: Great smile excellent.
Emma: Sit back and relax abit more, but brilliant!
Alisha: You gave it attitude, well done!

Second its Jade with All By Myself (Celine Dion)
Dressed in a short pink sparkling dress Jade performs a subtle rendition of the Celine Dion classic. On stage on her own we see Jade portraying her vulnerabilty. The ending is a powerful performance reveiving rapptuous applause from the audience.

ALW: You portrayal of your vulnerability in that song was excellent. You are a diva!
Lulu: You had a great pitch.
Emma: I loved it, you grabbed my attention right from the top of the song excellent.

Third up its Emperors of Soul with Patience (Take That)
Dressed in navy suits with white shirts, this band perfroms this song with some pitching problems. Is the song too powerful for them? This song gets the audience up on their feet because of its popularity but are these guys for Eurovision?

ALW: Great to hear you singing something contemporary! There are 3 mins allowed for the song in Eurovision, but your 5 people will we have time to fit you all in on the song, thats my worry.
Emma: Great performance.
Lulu: I love that song, great harmonies!

Fourth its The Twins with About You Now (Sugababes)
One is dressed in green/pink and the other in pink/purple the twins perform a fast number. They are joined by 4 backing female dancers. Somewhat average performance compared to last week. Short and sweet rock song!

ALW: You could be the winners of the Eurovision Sob Contest, you perform well together in harmony. The British public may like you but will Europe?
Alisha: You connected with the public I think, yous might go all the way.

Now its the solo songs….

Up first its Mark with I Don't Want To Talk About It (Rod Stewart)
Dressed in a grey waistcoat and trousers in a turquoise shirt, he performs this song with emotion and passion. Mark works the camera well showing off his vulnerability in this song.

ALW: You connect with that song wonderfully, best performance from you in the serious so far.

Second up its Jade with Think (Aretha Franklin)
Dressed in a bright red feathered dress Jade is joined by 4 backing dancers wearing suits and hotpants. A great song to get everyone on their feet, with alot of dance moves showed off and a fantastic high note at the end.

ALW: Wonderful again, your fantastic don't know what else to say…

Third up its Emperors of Soul with Uptown Girl (Billy Joel)
Dressed in grey suits with a blue shirt they are joined by 4 girls dressed in blue skirts. The band use this song to describe the girls around them. Classic motown dance moves are performed by the band to heighten the song.

ALW: I loved you doing that, your great but my worry for you again is Eurovision.

Fourth up The Twins with All I Have To Do Is Dream (The Everly Brothers)
Dressed in purple and green, the twins are sitting on high stools. Much better performance than the previous song for them. This song shows their emotion and highlights their close sibling relationship with each other.

ALW: A great song, I thought you did it brilliantly, if I did it I would have done it abit slower but lovely.

The phone lines are now open…
Lines close in 15 minutes… now a recap.

The guys now are preparing for a group performance…singing "Don't let the Sun go down on me."
The girls now perform a group number…singing "I'll stand by you."

ALW: Its a tough choice.
Emma: I'd vote for Jade if I was at home.

The phone lines have now closed…

Now Alisha Dixon performs.


Through to next week are…
– The Twins
– Mark

– Emporers of Soul
– Jade

ALW has chosen to save…Jade.

Emporers of Soul are out.

Tune in next week for the UK National Final where The Twins, Mark and Jade will battle it out for the ticket to represent the United Kingdom at the 54th Eurovision Song Contest 2009 in Moscow. Also we will be joined by last years winner Dima Bilan from Russia also its the show where ALW will reveal the song.

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