Legal hunt over Dansk Melodi Grand Prix song leak

by Benny Royston 219 views

My Way Music, the record company responsible for the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix compliation CD have stated that they will take legal action against a Swedish citizen that managed to legally download the album and share the songs through popular video publishing website,

Henrik Sørensen, head of My Way Music, told DR news (the danish national broadcaster responsible for their Eurovision Song Contest participation) that the Swede "better expect a court case from us when we find him". Sørensen said that the recording industry’s representative IFPI tends to deal with these cases, which usually result in a fine.

The songs were due to be released on CD to coincide with the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix final on Saturday 31st January 2009, when Denmark's Eurovision Song Contest entry will be decided. However, due to a technical mistake, the album was temporarily made available for download and seventeen copies were legally downloaded. Of those, one was turned into ten youtube videos and an illegal sharing file was uploaded to the internet. The link was shared on a yahoo group resulting in many copies of the CD being illegally downloaded without payment to the record company. would like to reafirm our position that illegal sharing and downloading of Eurovision Song Contest and national final entries does a disservice to those attempting to compete in the competition. Free sharing or illegal downloading of songs cheats the artists and record companies that help to maintain the Eurovision Song Contest as one of the most loved television shows in the world. Those who participate deserve to see the rewards for their efforts. Although it is understood that fans of the Eurovision Song Contest will want to have the songs available to them as soon as possible, we request that they also purchase the legal versions of the songs as soon as possible.

The official Dansk Melodi Grand Prix CD can be pre-ordered from Scandinavian online store, here.

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