Replay: national final in Belarus

by Marcus Klier 64 views

The Belarussian national final for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. Five acts will compete for the ticket to Moscow.

The WEBCAST can be found here.


  • Petr ElfimovEyes that never lie (V. Prokhozhy/P. Yelfimov)
  • Litesound feat. DakotaCarry on(V. Karyakin)
  • DomenikaThis is my day (A. Kostugov/S. Sukhomlin)
  • GuneshFantastic girl (Gunesh/M. Khaitbayeva)
  • Veter v GoloveOr – or – and (A. Zakharik/G. Galushko)


The show starts with an ethnic and artistic dance performance in the national colours of Belarus: white, green and red. This could have easily been a interval act in the Eurovision Song Contest in the 1990s, when the contest was frequently held in Ireland.

Before the competitive part of the evening begins, the five acts in the competition now perform together followed by performances of some former JESC contestants. Ruslan Alekhno now performs on stage – maybe as a warning to those who vote tonight? We all remember that the televoters said Hasta la vista to his entry after the semi final last year.

1. GuneshFantastic girl

Current poll result: 49.4% (1st)

Optically, this entry is obviously inspired by the cover of Björk's album Homogenic and various Harajuku Girl performances by Gwen Stefani. Gunesh, who is taking part for the third time already, presents a modern and catchy up-tempo song that isthe favourite tonight among the poll voters. The rather exceptional performance suits the song very well. The vocals are not perfect but alright while the pronounciation of the English words is either also inspired by Iceland singer Björk or just odd.

2. Petr ElfimovEyes that never lie

Current poll result: 7.9% (4th)

At least haircut-wise, Petr seems to try to pull a Ruslan Alekhno tonight. He performs his straightforward but old-fashioned pop/rock song the same way as in the semi final and it is up to the televoters to decide if this is a good sign or a bad sign. Regarding Belarusian voting patterns in national finals, he could well be the black (or white) horse tonight and win the ticket to Moscow. But if he could bring Belarus to the final again?

3. Litesound feat. DakotaCarry on

Current poll result: 25.8% (2nd)

Another strong performance by Litesound, who teamed up with Dakota this year. Their pop/rock song might not be seen progressive but it is catchy and could do well tonight. However, songs in that style usually do not too well in the Eurovision Song Contest.

4. DomenikaThis is my day

Current poll result: 10.1% (3rd)

Domenika comes out of a cage and she looks determined. In a sexy, tiny white dress with a long trail she is accompanied by wild looking dancers, clad in black. The camera mainly focuses on her and much of the act is lost for the TV audience. Lots of pyros and a spectacular finale for Domenika. An impressive performance for that uptempo rock song.

5. Veter v GoloveOr – or – and

Current poll result: 6.7% (5th)

A totally different look by the groupcompared tothe semi final. Gone are the colourful outfits they wore then and the group starts of in sober clothes and wigs. Clothes are off and we have impressive body suits and space age hairdos. This is certainly a noisy act, powerful and to the point for those who like that kind of music.


Petr Elfimov has won the national final.

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