Spain: Listen & Vote for your favourite song here…

by Gavin Murray 65 views

With permission from RTVE (the Spanish broadcaster), has been granted the rights to allow readers to make their choice between the spanish songs in this years Festival de Eurovision 2009: El retorno.

You canLISTEN to the current top songs in each category…


You can vote for your favourite onlinehereand listen to other songs in each of the genres.

How do I vote?

As soon as you hear a song you like or love, go to the candidates profile on the RTVE site here.You will then be asked to enter your name (nombre), email address (correo electronico) and enter the anti spam code on the page. Then you will be sent aconfirmation email to the email address you entered. When you open the email you will be asked to click on a confirmation link in order to register your vote. And thats it, you should have successfully voted for a potential Spanish representative!

How often can I vote?

You can vote upto a maximum of 20 times per day, with a maximum of 5 votes per song.

How does the competition work?

After pollshave closed, the Top 5 candidates in each genre/category will be forwarded to the Spaniah televised finals.

When do polls close?

Voting closes on Monday 20th January 2009 @ 23:59 CET.

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