Live: Second Lithuania heat

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The second Lithuanian heat is taking place tonight at the LRT studios, in Vilnius. Twelve acts are competing in Dainu daina and up to six of them will qualify by televote to the semi finals.

The show

The show starts at 20:00 CET. Twelve songs will competeand six of them will qualify to the two semi finals by televoting. The last quarter final will take place on 24th January and the two semi-finals on January 31st & February 7th.

Live webcast will be provided here.

The participants

  1. YVAI dangu (To the sky)
  2. BiplanAr lauksi manes? (Will you wait for me?)
  3. SielaEuforija
  4. KastanedaAs tik soumenas (I'm just a showman)
  5. DeivisLietuva (Lithuania)
  6. Urte SilagalyteThe elegant blues
  7. BIXGyvenimo valsas (Life's waltz)
  8. Linas Adomaitis -Tavo spalvos (Your colours)
  9. TajaKeturi vejai (Four winds)
  10. Soliaris, Greta & SELNoriu zinoti (I wanna know)
  11. Rosita Civilyte & Donatas Montvydas – Dainu daina (Song of the songs)
  12. Ruta SciogolevaiteRedemption

The article will be constantly updated.

The show has started. Audrius Girzadas and Livija Gradauskiene are presenting tonight's contestants who enter stage one by one.

1.Biplan – Ar lauksi manes? (Will you wait for me?)

The show kicks off with a slow, rock ballad. All dressed in black, four member band Biplan deliver the sentimental song fully live. The vocals are not the best ever but the singer poseses a very distinctive voice. This dramatic ballad and the husky vocals reminds us of Italian songs.

Current standing in the poll for Biplan ..last.

2.Ruta Sciogolevaite – Redemption

Time for the night’s favourite now and the current leader of the poll so far with 36,7%. Ruta is one of the biggest stars in Lithuania and she has tried for Eurovision on three occasions already 1999, 2004 2nd , 2007 when she achieved her best placing, finishing second after 4Fun.

And we are in for some drama.On a very dark stage, which has been transformed into a room, Ruta stands alone dressed in an elegant, extremely long, white gown and she delivers her heart breaking ballad to perfection, something that drives the audience wild. Earlier today, Ruta stated that she really wants to go to Moscow but will Redemtpion do it for her?

3.Linas Adomaitis – Tavos spalvos

Linas represented Lithuania in Istanbul with Simona Jakubenaite. He sits at the piano, accompanied by a full live orchestra. Tavos spalvos is a different song, quite rhythmic. There is an interesting mix of classical sound from the violins and electronically produced sound. The crowd absolutely loves this one.

Current standing in the poll: Linas has received no votes so far.

4 – Soliaris, Greta & SEL – Noriu zinoti (I wanna know)

An RnB song comes next in line. Average female vocals for this slow song. There is a mirror on stage and two of the singers are singing into it. SEL, who wrote Miss Kiss in last year’s preselection, sings the rap part of the song among the audience

Current standing in the poll 5th with 5,7%.

5 . YVA – I dangu (To the sky)

And it wouldn’t be a Eurovision preselection without at least some flight attendants on stage. Three member girl band YVA aspire to fly the Lithuanian flag in Moscow with a shiny, kitchy, teen pop song with the odd flight instructions in the middle. They are dressed in sexy, sky blue mini dresses and fligt attendant caps. The vocals are not perfect but better than expected, probably thanks to the two backing vocalists. The song is warmly welcomed by the audience.

Current standing in the poll: 2nd with 23,3%

6. BIX – Gyvenimo valsas (Life's waltz)

Despite the title this is a rock song by BIX, this legendary rock band in Lithuania. Samas, the leading singer, was one of the members of LT United who placed 6th in Athens. The band perform fully live their energetic entry and the vocals are to the point. And now the gimmick of the act, when dancers enter the stage and start a fight with the band members. The three other members fall on the floor, leaving just Samas standing and singing. The crowd adores it.

Current standing in the poll: 3rd with 16,7%

7. Kastaneda – As tik soumenas (I'm just a showman)

Some pop comes next. The show starts slow but then it just goes wild! It is a funny song with funny lyrics. Now Kastaneda invites everyone who wants to join them on the stage and many girls from the audience oblige. They all sing "nanananana" surrounded by the girls from the audience. Kastaneda take their jackets off and it turns to a messy performance. The audience goes wild – waving hands and screaming like crazy.

Kastanedas received no votes in the poll but after that….. we are not too sure.

8. Deivis – Lietuva (Lithuania)

Deivis is alone on stage with a guitar. A pop song that reminds us of a song from a summer camp.
With the Lithuanian flag in the background the song is supposed to be very patriotic, singing about how the beauty of the country and its history. The vocals are very good and he is joined by three female regular "Dainu Daina" back vocalists. This one might appeal to an older audience.

9. Urte Silagalyte – The elegant blues

Urte is 16 and the runner up of the musical show Muzikos akademija, Sasha Son was placed 2nd in the same show. She participated last year in JESC pre-selection. Urte wears a not so elegant powder blue outfit with a tutu over her trousers. Her name is written on her back of her T-shirt. The song is country blues but the eneventful performance makes one lose interest midway. Now Urte, looks as if she is walking on a path with images from all over the world in the backdrop. Very strong vocals from the 16 year old singer.

Current standing in the poll (located under the article) joint 5th with Soliaris, Greta ans SEL

10. Taja – Keturi vejai (Four winds)

This is Taja’s comeback after giving birth. She seems shaky and she delivers possibly the worst vocal performance of the night, although the song is the kind of simple pop song you hear on the radio every day. Being alone on stage in a simple black dress does not much to help the act either

Current standing in the poll (located under the article) 4th with 10%

11. Siela – Euforija

A newcomer rock band now. Again a four male members' rock band on stage singing hop hop hop lyrics
With the camera is shaking on the hop hop hop lyrics. Weak vocals and an average performance. War images in the backdrop, exploding buildings and atomic bombs. Someone should tell them that this is the wrong place to make a statement. Lukewarm applause from the audience.

12 Rosita Civilyte & Donatas Montvydas – Dainu daina (Song of the songs)

The song is called after the show's title. Rosita is one of the best voices of Lithuania and Donatas is the winner of Vytebsk festival in Belarus. Rosita is Donatas' teacher and they wrote the song together
Both start standing in the dark this slow romantic song their voices blending perfectly. Dainu daina is a very sentimental song, getting more and more dramatic as it progresses. Both singers, although there is a generation gap between them seem equal vocalists. The refrain comes at the end of the song when it gets jazzy. A very warm applause by the audience.

A fifteen minute voting slot follows now. After that the votes of each of the 10 Lithunian regions will announce their votes individually.

And the results are in! There are seven and not six acts to make it to the semis as YVA and Urte tied with 54 points.

1st – Deivis – Lietuva – 120 points
2nd – Rosita Civilyte & Donatas Montvydas – Dainu daina – 95 points
3rd – Ruta Sciogolevaite – Redemption – 81 point
4th – Linas Adomaitis – Tavo spalvos – 71 point
5th – BIX – Gyvenimo valsas – 56 points
6th – YVA – I dangu – 54 points
7th – Urte – The elegant blues – 54 points
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