Exclusive: Biggest UK promotion push for Eurovision planned

by Benny Royston 80 views

Following the introduction of the six acts bidding to represent the United Kingdom at the 2009, Eurovision Song Contest a brief press conference was held where artists along with Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber and Colin Barlow from Universal Records talked about the show and their plans. esctoday.com was there to cover the event.


esctoday.com asked how the collaboration between the BBC and Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber for the Eurovision Song Contest came about. The show producer explained that "the BBC has a strong history of entering the Eurovision Song Contest and they were lucky that Andrew Lloyd Webber said that he would write the song". After that, everything fell into place easily.

Regarding the show and the artist performances, it is a case of "what you see is what you get. There will be no television trickery, all artists will perform live to a live orchestra". Lord Andrew said that he would love see the live orchestra return to the Eurovision Song Contest and that the Olympicski Arena had more than enough space for it.

Talking about the song, the Lord said that he is beginning to get ideas, but when the lyricist is decided on, things will begin to move fast. Because of the variety of artists and talent, he believes he will need to write three of four songs depending on who reaches the final.


esctoday.com asked Colin Barlow of Universal Records about what we could expect regarding promotion of the final entry. He explained that "in recent years, the British acts' promotion has been very UK centric. Lord Andrew has been very postive about getting out into Europe to promote the acts. He has already visited Russia, Poland and Hungary and the general message was that they feel the UK has neglected them".

Heconfirmed that Universal are looking at an international release of the British entry across Europe before the Eurovision Song Contest. He went on to say that he understood that "getting the song heard before the finalis very important and it has been a great disadvantage in the past that the British entry has not been promoted".


Asked if the United Kingdom can win, we were told that "it is still difficult to say because so many countries take it so seriously". Lord Andrew said that Vladimir Putin explained that before the fall of the iron curtain, it was seen as a show that provided hope and that countries in the East see it as a rare opportunity to get their national voice heard.

"Some also resent the fact that they believe the United Kingdom has been seen to be sending up the Contest in recent years. Although the United Kingdom can win, it might take two or three years to remove the prejudices that have built up but with a quality song and a quality performer, it is possible".

The first live show for Your Country Needs You, the British Eurovision Song Contest selection series begins tomorrow, Saturday 10th January at 18:40 local time (19:40 CET).

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