Channel One: Stories about TATU rumours!

by Sietse Bakker 186 views

Earlier we reported that a spokesperson of the Russian television Channel One's music department said that TATU has “80 to 85 percent chance to win the internal selection for the Eurovision Song Contest 2003”. At least, that's what the website told us yesterday. From we learned that the international relations manager of Channel One Elena Arkhipova stated that this story comes totally out of the blue…

Elena and Julia have a major hit in Europe with their song All the things she said, which enlarges their chances to be selected out of approximately 10,000 entries.

“Nothing is sure yet (…) and after all the best song will be chosen. The fact they are leading in many European charts does not mean that their chances to win the internal selection are higher”, Arkhipova said.

The Russian participant for the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 will be announced at March 8.

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