Spain: More than 1 million votes cast so far

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 62 views

More than a million votes have been cast so far in the span of 1 week at the Spanish Eurovisi�³n 2009: El Retorno national selection online voting. Soraya is currently leading the voting with nearly 30,000 votes closely followed by Melody with nearly 28,000 votes and Mirela is 3rd with around 22,500 votes. The top 5 candidates from each of the 10 competing categories will qualify for the semi finals. The deadline for public online voting is on the 19th of January 2009.

Visitors to the official RTVE Eurovision website will be able to witness the fluctuation of the competing candidates as they can see the voting results in real time. Soraya has been leadingthe online voting for the past week, attracting both media and television attention to the Spanish Eurovision national selection. Websites, newspapers, news portals, magazines and television shows in Spain have been giving extensive coverage on the 3 current leading candidates; Soraya, Melody and Mirela.

These are the current top 5 in each of the competing categories:


  1. Soraya
  2. Carlos Barroso
  3. Mei Ming
  4. Noelia Cano
  5. El Secreto de Alex

Romantic Song

  1. Julia Bermejo
  2. Virginia
  3. Rafa Saez
  4. Vicente Casal
  5. Tontxu


  1. Melody
  2. Jorge González
  3. Santa Fe
  4. Dulce
  5. Salva Ortega


  1. Mirela
  2. Omi Di
  3. Ángeles Vela
  4. Jaime Rojo Contreras
  5. Vilas Mata


  1. Electronicboy
  2. Oskee
  3. Solydo
  4. Izan
  5. Andermay

Flamenco/Spanish song

  1. Rafael Sanchez Galvez
  2. Coral
  3. Fran Arenas
  4. Iko de la Llilla
  5. Mari Callas


  1. Leather Boys
  2. Remembrances
  3. Bloodsuckers
  4. Foxes in the Night
  5. No Life After Love


  1. La La Love You
  2. Yulia Valentayn
  3. CarolinaDel Sur
  4. Biquini
  5. Calipop

Hip Hop/Rap

  1. Mario Vaquero Garcés
  2. Jammy and Shark
  3. Patrix y los Raperos
  4. Depresión Post-Parto
  5. Aid


  1. Necxis
  2. Gran Baobab
  3. JC Cholbi
  4. Beatriz
  5. Isi

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