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The third annual awards are currently being held. While you can still cast your votes until 23rd December, we will take a closer look on the nominees and the categories in random order. Part six is dedicated to the Lyricist of the year category.


This award was introduced last year and and it went to the lyricist of the winning song from Serbia: Saša Milosevic Mare. The complete results were as follows:

  1. Saša MiloševiÄ� Mare (Serbia)- 33%
  2. Peter Fenner (Iceland) – 21%
  3. Aleksandra Milutinovi� (Bosnia & Herzegovina)- 20%
  4. Julija RitÄ�ik (Lithuania) – 14%
  5. Kobi Oz (Israel) – 12%

2008 awards

The following lyricists are nominated this year:

  1. Mira Craig for the Norwegian entry Hold on be strong
  2. Dejan Ivanovi� for the Serbian entry Oro
  3. Kerem Kabadayı, Harun Tekin, Burak Güven &Kerem ÖzyeÄ�en for the Turkish entry Deli
  4. Dana International & Shay Kerem for the Israeli entry The fire in your eyes
  5. Andreea Andrei & Adina �uteu for the Romanian entry Pe-o margine de lume

Follow the links above to read the lyrics (along with their translations) on

Norway's Mira Craig wrote the song Hold on be strong when she was a teenager. Like most Nordic entries in the Eurovision Song Contest, it was performed in English in Belgrade. From the perspective of a parent, a child is told to never give up in life and love depsite disppointments, because there is always someone waiting out there:

You might be saying: "Ooh, I don't wanna be lonely"
"Ooh, I don't wanna be by myself"
"Ooh, don't wanna be lonely"
"Why ain't anybody lovin' me?"

But there's always someone out there who'll be there for you
There is always someone out there who'll care for you
There's always someone out there who'll be true, true, true
Hold on, hold on, be strong

Dejan Dejan Ivanovi� wrote the lyrics of the second Serbian entry in the contest and Oro was performed in the national language just like the 2007 winner. In the lyrics, the protagonist asks to be put asleep to get over a sad valedcition and not to be waken up before Vidovdan (28th June), a religious holiday that is related to many historical events:

Ko li zaigra oro moje
Neka ne igra za nas dvoje
Klasje, mene uspavaj

Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej
Nuna nej, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna nej
Na Vidovdan, probudi me, da ga opet pogledam

The one who dances my Oro
Should not dance it for the two of us
Cornstalks, make me fall asleep

Nuna ney, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna ney
Nuna ney, nuna nuna nuna nuna nuna ney
Wake me up on Vidovdan, to look at him again

Like rock bands usually do, Turkish group Mor ve Ötesi wrote the lyrics to their entry Deli (Crazy) themsleves. After a song in English in 2007, Turkey returned to the national language again for Belgrade. In the lyrics, the protagonists thinks about his contradictory personality and tells the owner of his soul to not waste his time and treat him right:

Bir yarım akıllı bir yarım deli
Dört yanım akıllı bir yanım deli
Herkes akıllı bir ben deli
Bir ben deli…

Beni büyütün
Sevginiz nerde
Beni büyütün
Sahte düÅ�lerle

I am half sane, half crazy
I am partly sane, partly crazy
Everybody else is sane, only I am crazy
Only I am crazy…

Raise me up
Don't make me cry
Where is the love
You are so proud of
Raise me
Don't make me cry
Don't waste my time
With fake dreams

1998 Eurovision Song Contest winner Dana International teamed up with Shay Kerem to wrote the lyrics of the song The fire in your eyes, which mas mainly performed in Hebrew but with a few lines in English. In the lyrics, the protagonist tells how hard it is to keep being reminded of a former beloved one:

Lo or kochav
Ata akhshav
Iti iti, keilu amiti
Kmo az mizman

Come along, come along
See the fire in your eyes
And you come with me, with me
Lifamim mevi haruakh re'akh tov mukar
Melatef akhshav shome'a

No starlight
Now you are
With me, with me, like real
Like back then

Come along, come along
See the fire in your eyes
And you come with me, with me
Sometimes the wind carries a sweet, familiar smell
Caresses now, listening

Andreea Andreiand Adina �uteu wrote the lyrics of the Romanian entry Pe-o margine de lume together. In Belgrade, the song was performed both in Romanian and Italian, two languages that are strongly related. The entry is a romantic an optimistic love song with two lovers making promises and telling each other how much they are in love:

O noapte întreagÄ� Å�i-o zi
Cu tine al�turi de-a� fi
A� crede c� lumea-i a mea
�i numai ţie lumea ţi-o voi da

Vieni e stringimi la mano
Io vengo da lontano, da lontano per te
Oh, guarda il mondo che ho sognato
Presente e il passato con te

A whole night and a day
With you next to me, if I stay
I'd think the world belongs to me
And only I'll give the world to you

Come and give me your hand
I come from far away, from far away to you
Oh, watch world I have dreamt of
Present and past with you


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