Live: ninth heat in Bulgaria

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The ninth and final heat of the Bulgarian selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to be held. Another five songs will be presented and three of them will qualify for the third and last quarter final.

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The show will last for about an hour andthe followingsongs will be performed:

  1. Stefan Ilchev – Get up
  2. Petya Hristova – Sacred journey
  3. Zona – Senki
  4. Martin Aleksandrov – Mi fai male

Two of the songs will qualify through televoting and a third one will be chosen by a jury.

LIVE report by Gil Laufer.

The show has started. As the Bulgarian selection always keeps up with the times, the stage is decorated with Christmas trees tonight.

1. [email protected]We

The first entry tonight is a slow rock song with Bulgarian motives. The band has already taken part in the 2008 heats, but was not successful. [email protected] consists of a singer, a guitarist, a drummer and a violinist.

2. Stefan Ilchev – Get up

A performance and a song that remind ofLas Vegas by Martin Stenmark (Sweden 2005). Stefan is wearing black and his three female dancers are wearing tight silver and there are two backing singers with masks. The song is a kind of poprock with a bit of hiphop in the verses. The vocals are strong.

3. Petya Hristova – Sacred journey

A rock ballad with Bulgarian touches. Petya wears red and she isaccompanied by four girls. The performance seems to work, but thevoice is not the strongest one so far.

4. Zona – Senki

Zona is another bandand they consist ofa soloist,who is playing the guitar, another guitar and drums. The song Senki (Shadows) is a customary rock song, probably with no high recignition value.

5. Martin Aleksandrov – Mi fai male

And now for the last song in Bea star, Mi fai male by Martin Aleksandrov, who was supposed to take part in the heats last year but he was disqualified because his song was released before 1st October2007. This is another rock song, and the crowd seems to like him and his song.He is backed bya complete band (guitars, drums and keyboard) trying to help him to be a star.

The results will be revealed after a series of interval acts.


  1. Stefan Ilchev – 37.12%
  2. Zona – 32.70%
  3. [email protected] – 15.09%
  4. Martin Aleksandrov- 11.32%
  5. Petya Hristova- 3.77%

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