Sir Terry is still in love with Eurovision

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The end of an era. The United Kingdom will have a new voice commentating at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest after Terry Wogan finally put an end to the speculation and confirmed he is stepping down from the role. But despite his harsh criticism of block voting, the outgoing British voice of Eurovision has confirmed that he is still in love with the competition.

Asked in an interview with BBC Entertainment news today why he had decided to leave now, he stated: "I shall be sitting back at home with a dish of tea, cheering them on with word and gesture. There are exits and entrances and timing is very important. Leave while you're in love. "

Commenting on the voting controversies and the development of the Eurovision Song Contest, he explained:
"I've been slightly disappointed at the United Kingdom showing over the last few years. The fact that of course you'd have to be deaf, dumb and blind not to realise that since the eastern European countries have come in the voting has changed not necessarily for the best.

Western European countries, I feel, have got very little chance of winning it. However, this year may tell a different story with the might of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Graham Norton behind it. I think it's an opportune time for me to leave because it might be the UK's turn next year."

Many believed Sir Terry would quit after his scornful outburst at the end of the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest broadcast, declaring that it had always been clear that Russia would win and that Western European countries would have to consider whether or not they should continue to compete at the competition.

While some dismissed it as a lack of understanding of the new Europe and partisanship, it was clear that Sir Terry was speaking as much as a disappointed fan of the competition and dejected fan of British entries. He had a direct role in selecting Andy Abraham's entry for the United Kingdom and clearly felt upset that the entry finished in last place and received far fewer votes than deserved.

In an in-depth and heartfelt interview, Sir Terry listed Abba's Waterloo and Riverdance as two of his favourite moments in his marathon career as BBC commentator and puts to bed any suggestion that he might consider performing as a singer at the competition. He also gives words of encouragement to Graham Norton as he passes the batton on, saying he is a "terrific choice, he's witty, he's sharp, he's quick. He'll be perfect for it".

  • You can read the full interview on the BBCwebsitehere.

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