Eurovision stars back World AIDS Day Campaign

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At midnight last night, along with our partner websites at,,, and the OGAE fan club. Today and the official Eurovision Song Contest website, have joined in unison with fans of the competition around the world for World AIDs Day. Already today, we have had messages of support from Isis Gee, DQ, Ani Lorak, Paddy O'Connell and Michael Hill.

As readers post messages and local charity websites on our main article, Eurovision Song Contest stars from the present and past have been contacting us to throw their weight behind the compaign. This article will be updated through the day.

You can visit our main article about World AIDS Day and the Eurovision Song Contest here – along with information about the Terrence Higgins Trust, the charity all donations made via goes to. All donations go directly to the charity and not via or any other parties.

Ani Lorak, the runner up at this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Belgrade created a special documentary called You can't get AIDS through friendship. We are grateful for her support today and are please to show the documentary below:

Part one:

Part two:

Last Friday's UKeurovision Schlager Party in London raised another £100 for the Terrence Higgins Trust. Once again, would like to thank all of our partner websites, readers and everyone working to raise awareness for World AIDs Day today.

DQ, Michael Hill and Isis Gee

DQ, who represented Denmark at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest has thrown his weight behind the Eurovision Song Contest fan sites campaign. Speaking to partner website,, he said:
"World AIDS Day is still a very important day, where a very important message shall be spread all over. This is the day, where we remember they, too many, who are had died thru the years by this terrible disease. But it’s also the day, where we have to put focus at the subject, and remember it’s still important to use condoms."

Michael Hill, a long time Eurovision Song Contest fan, and motorsport personality in the UK also sent the following message:
"I am delighted to support and their promotion of Just Giving. Being a fan of Eurovision I cant think of a better medium for breaking down the prejudices still surrounding HIV"

Isis Gee, who represented Poland at this year's Eurovision Song Contest has contacted with her own message of support:
"AIDS is something we all need to pay attention to. One of my sister's friends passed away a few months ago because of AIDS so I know how it affects the family and the closest circle. We should be proactive about fighting this disease and make sure everyone is aware of it. As artists, we are in the public eye and we must show the world that awaraness of HIV and AIDS is neccesary to prevent it from spreading. It's our biggest role to support this and I'd be more than happy to sing for this cause support it as much as I can. Please give generously on World AIDS Day today."

Ani Lorak and Paddy O'Connell

The Shady Lady herself, Ani Lorak, the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest runner up has contacted us with the following message:
"Today on World AIDS Day is very important for people to come together in the fight against the disease. Together we make a difference. Today is the day to show our tolerance to HIV positive people. Today is the day to remind ourselves that we are human. We are one big family on earth. You can’t get AIDS through friendship!"

Paddy O'Connell, UK commentator for the Eurovision Song Contest semi finals in the United Kingdom has jumped on the Eurovision fans' bandwagon with a kind donation!
"Did you hear that taxi drivers in Aberdeen are going to start handing out condoms? Don't tell me that Eurovision fans can't do something too. People who love the Eurovision Song Contest are so international anyway, it's easy to see why we'd get the message about World AIDS day. Here in the UK, things have changed so much for people living with HIV, but in many countries there's little support or no chance of getting the right treatment. Why don't we ask organisers of this year's event in Moscow to auction a commentary booth to raise funds, or what about an auction of Euro tittle tattle over here .. who'll start the bidding on this beautiful official bag of mine from Helsinki?"


Today, we ask our readers for two things. Firstly, for readers around Europe and the world, if you know of AIDS charities in your country, please post their website address in the reactions below along with the country they operate in. Through this, we aim to promote as many charities as possible on World AIDS day around Europe.

Secondly, please make a donation here. We have selected one charity for to support, but of course there are many organisations doing fantastic work in their field. THT is based in the UK and works with many other charities throughout Europe and the world. If you would rather donate to a charity in your own country, please post a link to their website in the reactions below so that others are aware of their presence and can donate to them. All donations go directly to the charity's bank account and no money will pass through

This article is dedicated in loving memory to Ofra Haza, the bravery of Andreas Lundstedt and to the amazing charitable work of Ani Lorak, Eric Papilaya and everyone working to promote AIDS awareness and support those with HIV and AIDS.

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