2008 esctoday.com awards – Best male vocal performance

by Marcus Klier 73 views

Here are the nominations for the third annual esctoday.com awards, Best male vocal performance category.

The nominations for BEST MALE VOCAL PERFORMANCE are:

  1. Boaz Mauda of Israel for The fire in your eyes
  2. Simon Mathew of Denmark for All night long
  3. Andy Abraham of the United Kingdom for Even if
  4. Jeronimas Milius of Lithuania for Nomads in the night
  5. Ruslan Alehno of Belarus for Hasta la vista

You can watch the performances below:

1. Boaz Mauda (Israel)


2. Simon Mathew (Denmark)


3. Andy Abraham (United Kingdom)


4. Jeronimas Milius (Lithuania)


5. Ruslan Alehno (Belarus)


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