Lithuania: 4Fun and Walters & Kazha sing together

by Arvydas Makselis 79 views

In 2007, 4Fun flew the Lthuanian flag in Helsinki while Walters & Kazha sang for Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 in Kyiv. This year both bands decided to record a song With U and try to promote it both in Lithuania and Latvia.

It looks that the goalis achieved – a few weeks ago With U has reached first place ina lLtvian music chart bypopular radio station SWH. The song reached lLthuanian radio stations later than Latvian ones, but this week it can be found at #13 of the Lithuanian Top 40.

With U is written by 4Fun's lead singer Julija Ritcik and arranged by Walter & Kazha's producer. Asked how did the bands come to work together, they say that this idea was born after they met in 2007 in Minsk during a Eurovision concert. Since then, Baltic singers were thinking about a collaboration and this year they finally managed to realise their plan.

Next spring an album by 4Fun is expected to be realeased. Last month in Vilnius they were an opening act in Katie Melua's concert. It's not the first time 4Fun go for an opening act in a celebrity's concert – in 2007 summer they also opened Joe Cocker's gig in Vilnius.

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