Replay: 5th heat in Bulgaria

by Marcus Klier 91 views

The fifth heat in the Bulgarian selection for the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest is about to take place. Five acts will take part and try to get one of the three tickets to the quarter final in two weeks.


The line-up:

  1. Plamen PenevDalechen svyat
  2. Zheni KaravachevaDumi
  3. Bobi Koker, Bleki & SunnieTozi pat
  4. Emilya ValentiS teb
  5. Hari ot BalgariaBez dumi

The show has started.

1. Plamen PenevDalechen svyat

Number one tonight is a straightforward pop/rock song. The vocals of the lead singer are rather strong but the female background singers are too loud and overshadow the whole performance. However, this song should have good chances to reach the quarter finals.

2. Zheni KaravachevaDumi

The rather tuneless song obviously tries to create an oriental feeling on stage which only partly works. The lead singer does not look like she feels at ease on stage and she is off-key throughout the whole performance. Again, the background singers are very loud.

3. Bobi Koker, Bleki & SunnieTozi pat

The trio could of course be compared to the F.Y.R. Macedonian group in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. The song is rather modern with the female singer (who looks a bit like Madonna in her early days) actually singing and the male performers rapping. The song has a certain recognition value and is refreshingly different. The vocals are surprisingly strong but could probably still be improved.

4. Emilya ValentiS teb

The first classic ballad tonight. With aless hecticarrangement this song might have a little chance at the Eurovision Song Contest. Emilya has a strong voice which gets a bit shrieky sometimes and the overall performance has potential but would need to improved.

5. Hari ot BalgariaBez dumi

A folk music ballad which has no obvious hook. The singer obviously tries to sound very emotional but the overall performance comes across very rough. However, looking at the results in recent weeks, this song should have a realistic chance to qualify for the next round.

The results:

  1. Emilya Valenti- 32.94% (jury choice)
  2. Bobi Koker, Bleki & Sunnie – 23.01%
  3. Plamen Penev – 20.99%
  4. Hari ot Balgaria – 11.66%
  5. Zheni Karavacheva- 10.56 %


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