Three semifinals in 2009 for Latvia

by Aija Medinika 48 views

Latvian Broadcaster, LTV has announced that the deadline of song submission for the Eurovision Song Cotnest national selection show, Eirodziesma 2009, is set for 30th November 2008. They have also announced a new format for the show.

Eirodziesma 2009 starts the new season by introducing the new format of the semi finals as well as some restrictions in selecting the songs.LTV expects the songs from the Latvian as well as foreign authors who have not made their songs public before 1st October 2008.

Each author may submit no more than two songs, some restrictions in the selection apply this year – only one third of all songs qualified for the semifinal may be penned by the foreign authors. Songs submitted for preselction in other countries will also not be allowed. The performer of the song is expected to be a Latvian citizen or a person who is considered by the Latvian legislation to be a non-citizen.

As for the format of Eirodziesma 2009, three semi finals will take place during January and February 2009. Three songs from each selection will qualify for the final. A 10th song will be chosen at the “Second Chance” heat during the last semi final, and the publicwill be decide the final song to qualify by means of a straighttelevote.The final of Eirodziesma 2009takes place on February 28, 2009 at the Ventspils Olympic Center.

The potential participants can get acquainted with the rules and restrictions of the submitting process at Eirodziesma website (in Latvian version only).

Latvia participated in ESC 2008 in Belgrade withthe song Wolves of the Sea performed by Pirates of the Sea ending up 11th at the final.

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