Belgium: Kate Ryan to reach gold with the help of a daily

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Kate Ryan�s latest single, I surrender, released 2 months ago has not yet managed to reach the official top 20 Belgian charts. The big Flemish newspaper Het Niewsblad has launched a promotion stunt to help Kate Ryan�s climb up higher in the Belgian charts and reach the selling status of gold in just one day. The artist will soon start touring the United Kingdom together with other dance artists .

Despite the big success that Kate Ryan currently enjoys with her fore last single Ella, elle l’a in many European countries and recently even in Canada, a single which has become multi platinum and gold and has even brought some award nominations to the artist, I surrender, her latest single faces difficulties to become a smash hit in her own country. Its chart record up to today has been a peak at 27th position with a current moving up and downbetweenspots 27-37.

In order to fill the gap in the selling figures and thus give her single the golden status in just one day Het Niewsblad will distribute online 15.000 free copies of it in mp3 format. The action will take place on Thursday 6th November at 9.00 am CET. The daily has launched an online countdown of this promotion together with an advertisement of Kate Ryan’s new album Free.

Kate is currently promotingherlatest work in Canada. She will soon start a mini tour inthe United Kingdom. She will be part of a wide group of contemporary dance artists such as Scooter(German National Final 2004), Kelly Llorena, N-force and others, who will appear in big arenasaround the United Kingdom from 27th Novemebr to 5th December 2008. In this second Clubland Live Tour, Kate will perform and promote the English version of her european smash hit single Ella, elle l'a, which will be released on 10th November on the 14th Clubland album.

Kate Ryan has participated in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest held in Athens on 16th and 18th May 2008 with the song Je t’ adore and although having been a eurofan favourite prior to the contest, she did not manage to reach the final.

You can find the newspaper promotion for the single I surrender and get a free mp3 copy of it on the action day here. (in Flemish)

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