Malta: Big names for Malta's Eurovision bid

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The 56 entries to qualify forthe next stage of Malta�s Eurovision Song Contest 2009 selection have been revealed tonight by PBS. Amongst the big names on show are two-time representative and former Eurovision Song Contest runner-up, Chiara and Claudia Faniello who took second and third place in last year's final. 2004 representative Ludwig Galea is still in the running, and Ralph Siegel has composed one of the entries.

Chiara has already come close to winning the Eurovision Song Contest on two occasions,comingthird in 1998 with The one that I love and taking second place in 2005 with Angel and now she is back in the race for 2009.She is joined by fellow former Maltese entry, Ludwig Galea (2004). Many other former Song for Europeartists are trying to win the Maltese ticket to Moscow includingKlinnsman, Trilogy, Eleanor Cassar and Rosman Pace. Natasha and Charlene will also be known to Eurofans after entering the Bugarian national selection in 2007.

Furthermore, some experienced songwriters will be returning as well, such as the famous team Borg/ Vella who are responsible for Malta’s entries in 2002 (7th wonder, sung by Ira Losco, reaching 2nd place), 2004 (On again… off again, sung by Julie and Ludwig, reaching 12th place), 2007 (Vertigo, sung by Olivia Lewis, coming 25th in the semi final) and 2008 (Vodka, sung by Morena, coming 14th in the 2nd semi final). Borg and Vella have several songs in the competition this time. However,German Eurovision Song Contest veteran Ralph Siegel has also set his eyes on Malta.

Out of a total of182 entries, the final 56 were selected byajury composed of:

  • Alon Amir (Israel, Music PR & Management)
  • Frank Cachia (Malta, Electronic music producer)
  • Lenoir Francis (France, artistic director, music clip director)
  • Alvin Laudi (Malta, musician Band Aid Music Malta)
  • Nadienne Sacco (Malta, musician, bassist)
  • Vincent Scerri (Malta, radio presenter)
  • No Yon (South Korean-Japan, artistic director, vocal coach, musician and singer)

Starting on Saturday 8th November, the 56 songs in contention to win Eurosong 2009 will compete in various PBS television shows until 20 entries are selected to participate in the final. (15 by judges and 5 by televoting). Those 20 entries will compete for the ticket to Moscow in the grand final to be held at the MFCC, Ta' Qali, on February 7th, 2009.

Here is the complete list of all 56 entries that managed to advance to the next phase of Malta's Eurosong 2009 inno particular order:

  1. Smoke-screen – Jessica Muscat – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  2. Midas Touch – Claudia Faniello – (Sean Vella, Philip Vella)
  3. Blue Sonata – Claudia Faniello – (Ray Agius, Ray Agius)
  4. Someday – Eleanor Cassar – (Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
  5. Rhythm of the night – Justine ft. Siconix – (Renato Briffa, Doris Chetcuti)
  6. Love was made of clay – Gloriana Arpa Belli – (Renato Briffa, Doris Chetcuti)
  7. Avalon – Georgina & Ruth Casingena – (Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  8. Carry Me – Rebecca Bonnici – (Renato Briffa, Rita Pace)
  9. Innocent Heart – Ruth Portelli – (Ralph Siegel, John O'Flynn)
  10. The song in your heart – Trilogy – (Paul Abela, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  11. To be myself – Georgina – (Rafael Artesero, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  12. What if we – Chiara – (Marc Paelinck, Gregory Bilsen)
  13. This ain't a love song – Christian Arding – (Trevor Fenech, Claudia Faniello)
  14. Mozart Revives – Dorothy Bezzina – (Chan Vella, Alexia Schembri)
  15. Promises – Vittorio & Dorothy – (Chan Vella, Alexia Schembri)
  16. Let it shine – Kylie Coleiro – Andrew Zahra, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  17. Where was I? – Jamie Tonna – (Jason Paul Cassar, Mario J. Farrugia)
  18. Falling in love – Francesca Borg – (Jason Paul Cassar, Mario J. Farrugia)
  19. Army of Lovers – Annabelle Debono – (Sean Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  20. Love me or leave me – J. Anvil – (Trevor Fenech, Claudia Faniello)
  21. Mama – Miriam Christine – (Miriam Christine Warner, Miriam Christine Warner)
  22. For a moment – Derrick Schembri & Yanika Fava – (Philip Vella, Rita Pace)
  23. Crossroads – Raquela – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  24. Shades of memories – Julie Pomorski – (Johann Schembri, Johann Schembri)
  25. I'm in heaven – Dominic Cini – (Elton Zarb, Rita Pace)
  26. Tonight at the opera – Classic Rebels – (Ralph Siegel, John O'Flynn)
  27. Typical Me – Alison Ellul – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  28. Circus – Josmar – (Josmar, Josmar)
  29. Hey you – Jessica Muscat – (Rafael Artesero, Rafael Artesero)
  30. King – Natasha & Charlene – (Charlene Grech, John A. Agius)
  31. Alchemy – Natasha & Charlene – (Charlene Grech, John A. Agius)
  32. This is our life – Eleanor Cassar – (Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
  33. Blame it on your heart – Ruth Portelli – (Ralph Siegel, John O'Flynn)
  34. Before you walk away – Q – (Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
  35. Live for today – Q – (Paul Giordimaina, Fleur Balzan)
  36. Butterfly Sky – Klinsmann – (Klinsmann Coleiro, Joe Julian Farrugia)
  37. One million ways – Rosman Pace – (Rosman Pace, Rosman Pace)
  38. Earth & Sky – Talitha Dimech – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  39. Life is an opera – Christine Barbara – (Rita Pace, Rita Pace)
  40. Another side of me – Corazon Mizzi – (Philip Vella, Philip Vella)
  41. Kamikaze Lover – Baklava – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  42. Rock & Rise – Klinsmann – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  43. I'm me – Jo Zette – (Steve Compagno, Noel Zammit)
  44. Inferno – Ludwig Galea – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  45. Something about you – Laura Bruno – (Philip Vella, Gerard J. Borg)
  46. Sexy Girls – Evita Magri – (Philip Vella, Melchiore Magri)
  47. Visions of you – Christine Barbara – (Philip Vella, Philip Vella)
  48. Love in the sahara – Maria Mallia – (Charlene Grech, Clinton Paul)
  49. Ha Hi Hu – The Elements – (Carm Fenech, Carm Fenech)
  50. Fjamma tas-Sliem – Dario & Grecia Bezzina – (Philip Vella, Philip Vella)
  51. Where you belong – Wayne Micallef – (Wayne Micallef, Luke Ambrogio)
  52. Lament – Ludwig Galea ft. Fidela tal-Bambinu – (Philip Vella, Philip Vella)
  53. Soulmate – Daniela Vella – (Ray Agius, Alfred C. Sant)
  54. Choose your number – J. Anvil – (Augusto Cardinali, Giovann Attard)
  55. Harmony – Claire Caruana – (Augusto Cardinali, Giovann Attard)
  56. Castaway – Marija Galdes – (Philip Vella, Rita Pace)

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