Serbia: Jelena Tomasevic releases debut album

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Jelena Tomasevic, Eurovision Song Contest participant of the host country Serbia in 2008, has finally released her long awaited debut- album called Panta rei (a phrase derived from Greek meaning Everything changes).

As expected, the album contains various lugubrious ethno- ballads which perfectly match with Jelena's melancholic voice. But there are also songs in different styles, including one song in R’n’B- sound. All those features make it a rather versatile album.

Nine of the eleven tracks are written by musical mastermind Zeljko Joksimovic, well knownto Eurovision Song Contest fans due to his three successful participations in the contest, as well as hosting the competition on home ground in Belgrade 2008. Jelena herself has penned the lyrics to five of her songs. Moreover, she was responsible for the production of one of them. Other contributions come from Dejan Ivanovic (lyricist of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006 and Serbia 2008) and Fahrudin Pecikoza- Peca (lyricist of Bosnia and Herzegovina 1993 and 2006), who have written the lyrics to two of the tracks.

The album also contains Jelena’s two highly praised Beovizija- hits Oro and Jutro (Beovizija is Serbia's national final to select their Eurovision Song Contest entry).

Furthermore, Nema koga, one of the songs she sang for the soundtrack of the immensely popular Serbian movie Ivkova slava, as well as the previously released single Kosava can also be found on Panta rei. The next single is set to be Okeani.

Jelena Tomasevic reached 6th place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest for the host country Serbia with her ethno-ballad Oro, composed by Zeljko Joksimovic. Besides being responsible for Oro and the Eurovision Song Contest- entries from Bosnia and Herzegovina 2006 (Lejla, sung by Hari Mata Hari, reaching 3rd place) and Serbia and Montenegro 2004 (Lane moje, sung by himself, reaching 2nd place), Zeljko also composed Jutro for Jelena, the song that won Beovizija in 2005. However, due to the fact that the Montenegrin juries have boycotted Jutro in the common national final of Serbia and Montenegro, Jelena was denied the chance to go to Kiev, the host city of the Eurovision Song Contest in 2005. Three years later, Jelena eventually got her chance and represented the by now independent Serbia in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest on home- ground.

Here is the full track- listing of Jelena’s first album:

1) Panta rei (Everything changes)

2) Košava (Wind)

3) Okeani (Oceans)

4) Ako opet odlaziš (If you leave again)

5) Med i �aoka (Honey and the sting)

6) Oro (Oro)

7) Ne dam na tebe (I don’t give on you)

8) Nema koga (There is no- one)

9) Zovi me danima (Call me for days)

10) Jutro (Morning)

11) Noćas dođi mi (Come to me tonight)

Kosava with English subtitles

Jutro at Beovizija 2005 with English subtitles

Nema koga (on the album there is longer version of the song):

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