Germany: Rosenstolz back with new album

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On September 26th, Rosenstolz, one of the most successful German bands ever, released their new album Die Suche geht weiter (The search goes on). Before becoming as established in the German- speaking music scene as they are today, they participated in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998. They reached second place with their ballad Herzensschöner, losing out to Guildo Horn who went on to represent Germany in Birmingham. At present, after having received numerous popular awards and prices and due to the incredible chart success of their albums and singles, Rosenstolz are one of the leading acts in the German- speaking music scene.

Die Suche geht weiter already is the 11th Rosenstolz- album and went straight to # 1 in both the German and Austrian charts.The Berlin- based duo consists of singer AnNa R. and songwriter Peter Plate. They have been working together since 1991 and had to face many obstacles before becoming as successful as they are today.Their participation in the German national final for the Eurovision Song Contest in 1998 marked a big jump in their career and made them known to a wider audience.

The big break- through finally came in 2004 with the immensely popular single Liebe ist alles (Love is everything) and the album Herz (Heart).This success story continued with the follow- up album Das große Leben (The big life), released in 2006.Rosenstolz are known for their philosophical, deep, melancholic and meaningful lyrics. Occasionally, they are also critical of society and put political statements into their songs: In 1999, as a response to the discussion about gay rights in Germany, they released the song Ja, ich will (Yes, I do), a duet with the lesbian comedian Hella von Sinnen. With the song promoting homosexual marriage, Peter Plate and Hella von Sinnen appear together with their real- life partners in the music video.They also contributed the song Willkommen (Welcome) to the popular coming out- movie Sommersturm (Summer storm).

However, their new album is dominated by melancholic, rather silent tunes as it was produced influenced by the death of the mother of Peter Plate’s partner, Ulf Sommer (the song An einem Morgen im April is especially dedicated to her). Supporting them since the beginning, she was a close confidante of Rosenstolz.Most of the tracks on Die Suche geht weiter deal with the influence that death and loss have upon a person who lost a loved one. The lyrics can also be interpreted in an ambiguous sense, reflecting various painful aspects of love.The first and highly successful single Gib mir Sonne deals with a new beginning after difficult periods in life.It is already confirmed that the second single will be Wie weit ist vorbei. A surprising music video is also planned.

The new album definitely has an exceptional status in the career of Rosenstolz- it’s an album about reflection in general and an empathetic, personal survey about the meaning of life. It fully concentrates on the strongest features of Rosenstolz: AnNa’s unique voice and strong messages combined with versatile musical arrangements.

Here is track listing of Die Suche geht weiter:1) Ich bin mein Haus (I am my house)2) Gib mir Sonne (Give me sun)3) Blaue Flecken (Blue stains) 4) Irgendwo dazwischen (Somewhere in- between)5) Kein Lied von Liebe (No song of love)6) Wie weit ist vorbei (How far is over)7) An einem Morgen im April (On a morning in April)8) Unerwartet (Ein Fenster zum Himmel) (Unexpected- A window to heaven)9) Bist du dabei (Are you with me)10) Herz schlägt auch im Eis (Heart is also beating in the ice)11) Wann kommst du (Autos fahr’n an mir vorbei) (When do you come- Cars keep passing me by)12) Die Suche geht weiter (The search goes on)To celebrate their new album, Rosenstolz will be making a big tour starting in November.

To find out more about it and about Rosenstolz in general, you can visit their official and completely revamped website

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