Azerbaijan: Pays fine to the EBU

by Russell Davies 77 views

Following Azerbaijan�s resent withdrawal from the upcoming Junior Eurovision Song Contest, the Azerbaijan Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company have been fined by the European Broadcasting Union. Under EBU rules any country which withdraws after a specific date laid down by the broadcasting organisation, will be fined and the participation fee will be retained by the EBU.

Fuzuli Ismayilov, Department Head of Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company on Music, Feature and Entertaining Programs has confirmed that this fine has been paid by the broadcaster and has explained why the countries withdrawal from the Junior contest was necessary to the Azerbaijan Press Association.

Azerbaijan wanted to attend Junior Eurovision contest, but we demand child or a group of children, who feel free in a big stage and will able to involve the interest of millions of people. There are such children in Azerbaijan, but they should be prepared for such responsible performance. It depends on proper bodies more than us. Public Television and Radio Broadcasting Company is a member of European Broadcasting Union and is a first broadcaster of all Eurovision Contests. This issue is not at the competence of the company", Fuzuli Ismayilov said.

Mr. Ismayilov said that the using the TV company is not enough to make the preparation of the Contest worthily .The candidates should be presented by proper bodies. For example, Anna Sajina and Eldar Jafarov were presented by Azerbaijan Sport Dance Federation to participate in Eurovision Dance contest. Public Television has presented application and participation fee. We do not want to refuse this Contest. We have not been assisted to find talented child and we have to refuse the participation. We have paid a fine to EBU", he said.

This would indicate that Azerbaijan will wish to participate in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and indeed make their debut in the 2009 contest.

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