Exclusive interview with De Toppers

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Today the Dutch representatives at 2009 The Eurovision Song Contest, De Toppers, gave a press conference to reveal all the details about their forthcoming participation. Right after the press conference, esctoday.com had an exclusive interview with the Dutch hopes for Moscow.

De toppers'press conference was held at the Amstel hotel, one of Amsterdam’s most luxury hotels. Gerard Joling, Gordon and René Froger arrived on jetskis, where the entire Dutch press was waiting for them.

After their sensational entrance, the press conference could begin.The national final will take place on February 1st and will be hosted by Jack van Gelder. Depending on the quality of the submitted songs, De Toppers will sing 4 or 6 songs. There will be a televoting and a jury to choosewhich should represent The Netherlands.

Everybody can submit a song for De Toppers until November 23rd. René Froger told the press about their preference for a song in English instead of Dutch. Also fashion designers are invited to submit a design for the guys’ outfits in Moscow.

Right after the national final, Dutch broadcaster TROS will starta docu-soap called‘De Toppers – On their way to Moscow’.

Exclusive Interview with De Toppers

We’ve never had so much speculation about possible Eurovision representatives like this year; Petra berger, Jody Bernal, Anouk and of course De Toppers. For how long did you know already that you were the ones who got the green card from NOS?
Gordon: 'Somewhere in July I think. I was on holidays in Greece when I got the news. At first René and I decided not to tell Gerard about it, because we were afraid he might leak it to the press.'
Gerard: 'Yeah, right! May I remind you that you were the one who couldn’t keep his mouth shut! Let me point this out right away: actually I think I’m too old for Eurovision. Someone younger should do it. For me it will be all about having fun: nothing more, nothing less.'
René Froger: 'I think we have a good chance of winning. We have so many years of experience in this business. I’m pretty convinced we will put The Netherlands on The 'Eurovision-map' again.'

A lot of Eurovision fans weren’t too happy when NOS brought the news out about your participation. The concept of De Toppers would be too Dutch and most of the fans were expecting Anouk.
Gordon: 'Yes, I read the reactions at www.esctoday.com and some Dutch websites. I think all these frustrated fans should wait for the song first. After that, they can judge us. Trust me, we take this seriously and we really want to come up with a very good song!'
Gerard: 'Anouk is a great singer and I think she might have done really well at The Eurovision Song Contest.'
Gordon: 'Actually, I think Anouk shouldn’t take part at The Eurovision Song Contest. She has way more to loose than we have. Our concerts will be sold out anyway, even if we become last.'
René: 'Our concept might be typically Dutch indeed, but we’re proud of it. However, we’ve been called a carnaval-trio as well, but we deserve way more credits than that qualification. We’re working very hard and we take our jobs very seriously!'
Gordon: 'We’d never take part if we didn’t believe in it. We want to make the Dutch people proud, so our goal is to win the contest. Lets face it: the Eurovision Song Contest lost its credibility in The Netherlands -at least people will watch it again in 2009!'

What can we expect from you in Moscow?
Gerard: 'Exactly the same as what you expect from us in The Netherlands. What you see is what you get, so loads of glitter and glamour.'
Gordon: 'And drama of course!'
Gerard: 'I took part once before already, so I know there will be lots of parties where we have to show up. These parties are an excellent occasion to get yourself known to the international press. And besides that, it’s all about having fun of course!'

Will you do a promo tour as well?
: 'Well, our schedules have to permit it of course. We all have very busy agendas.'
Gordon: 'But it might be a good idea to visit some of the participating countries. Russia, France, Germany and Belgium should be possible.'
Gerard: 'Of course, there will be our docusoap about our preparations for Moscow. I think we already have material for 3 episodes just by the recordings of today. It will be hilarious!'

Did Cornald Maas congratulate you with your forthcoming particiapation?
: 'Actually, yes! You’re referring to the national final of 2003 of course, when he asked the people to vote for Esther Hart instead of me. I was so upset at the time! But we’re on speaking terms again.'

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