Moldova: Arsenium is back with Rumadai

by Anton Kudrevich 390 views

“Hello, I'm back! With a Ruma-Ruma-Ruma-track…”- Arsenie Todíras or just Arsenium, the Moldovan representative in the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest is back to conquer the international charts again. His new single Rumadai is going to be released all over Europe soon by Sony BMG.

Arsenium's new song and video are in his customary rhythmic, funny and full of positive energy style. Arsenium is certain that everybody will have fun listening to the song and learn some phrases in Romanian, French and Spanish!

Arsenium was born on 22nd of July, 1983 in Chisinau, Moldova. Since his childhood, Arsenium's biggest dream was to become a big musician. "When I was a child you could hear me singing at school, at home, in the bathroom, always and everywhere, trying to imitate different singers that I used to listen to!" Most of the music he was listening to was Russian. "I grew up with Russian music. At that time I had just only one fan, my little sister." He started to write his own songs when he turned 15 and it gave him such pleasure that he couldn't stop. "I realised that only that way I could express myself, my feelings in the real life! I understood that there is a place for me and my dreams in this world."

When he was 17 he started to take singing lessons. They helped Arsenium to get meet Dan Balan, who invited him to become a new member of "O-Zone". After a few weeks the lineup of the group was completed by Radu Sirbu. The new band became very successful in Moldova and after conquering the Romanian market, they got European acclaim with their biggest hit. "O-Zone was a very good experience. I travelled a lot with the guys all over the world, I slept less than ever but I felt really good." He felt good with his two colleagues who were very talented artists and "very nice and friendly persons".

Followingthe split of O-Zone in January 2005, Arsenium released his first solo single, Love me … Love me …, all over Europe and Japan. Later, together with Natalia Gordienko and Connect-R, he performed for Moldova at Eurovision Song Contest 2006 in Athens, Greece. Though, they didn't win, their song, Loca, became a big hit in Romania and Moldova. Arsenium's solo album, The 33rd Element, appeared in June of the same year in the same countries.