Austria & Monaco back in 2009?

by Michael Kuipers 85 views

Although every participating country will be affected by today's announcement that the juries will be back in force in the 2009 final, there are perhaps two non-participating countries who will be watching today's events with interest, after both withdrew from the Eurovision Song Contest in the past couple of years in protest of the voting.

Austria, who last entered in 2007 (after skipping 2006), and Monaco, who last entered in 2006, both withdrew in protest of the voting, with Austrians claiming that the voting reflected geography more than talent, and the Monégasque broadcaster TMC stating that Monaco had a very small chance to qualify to the final in comparison with a lot of other countries.

The EBU will be hoping that today's announcement about the voting changes for 2009 will go some way towards appeasing the Austrian and Monégasque broadcasters ORF and TMC, perhaps paving the way for the two countries to return in Moscow. Austrian broadcaster ORF said earlier this year that the new multiple semi final system got rid of a lot of the problems of the single semi system, but that the final voting was still flawed – the new system will leave the semis as they were in 2008, but change the final. Monaco's complaints were aimed more at the semi as well, stating that their entrants stood little chance of progressing to the final. TMC have as yet not gone on record to say what they think of the 2 semis system. has been in contact with both ORF and TMC and will bring you the two countries' reactions on the news over the coming few days.