UK: Wogan speaks about his Eurovision retirement

by Russell Davies 99 views

In this week�s edition of the UK�s biggest selling celebrity magazine Heat, Nicky Johnston, interviews Sir Terry Wogan. In this interview Sir Terry confirms that the possibility that he will be providing future commentary for the UK at the Eurovision Song Contest is very small. He also said that he will not watch the contest again once his commentary days are over. Here is an extract from the interview:

Can you confirm or deny that you're doing Eurovision again?

I think, really … it's unlikely. I think the BBC has got great plans, and good luck to them, but I made it fairly clear last time I did the commentary that the political voting … pauses It's my major regret that I didn't put any money on Russia last time, because I knew that, whatever kind of a song it was, it was their turn. But putting all that aside, I've been doing it since God was a boy. There's a time to live and a time to die.

It's not time to die yet!

Only the river goes on forever. I think it's time to let someone else have a go. Bring a fresh face to it, and a fresh voice – it might make all the difference.

You've said before that it's no longer a song contest – was it ever?

Well, it doesn't matter to the British public who wins, but it does matter that we keep coming last or second to last. That's the thing. We want a fair shake, and that's really the sticking point. They'll still watch, with or without me.

Will you watch it?

Er, no! The only reason I watch it is because I commentate. It's not my life. Once, it's over, my priority is to get home, have dinner and be with my family.

When asked by Heat who should replace him on the Radio 2 morning show, Terry's first suggestion was for Michael Ball, the UK's representative in the 1992 Eurovision Song Contest.

The complete interview with Sir Terry Wogan can be read in this week's edition of Heat Magazine.