Voting analysis of the Eurovision Dance Contest 2008

by Marcus Klier 177 views

Tonight, the second edition of the Eurovision Dance Contest took place in Glasgow. Marcin Mroczek and Edyta Herbus from Poland were the clear winners ahead of the representatives from Russia and Ukraine. Let's take a close look on the voting.

Quick stats

  • Poland has won the competition for the first time. The country has never won the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest before either.
  • Poland has easily beaten Finland's winning margin: Finland was 11 points ahead of Ukraine in 2007 while Poland got 33 points more than Russia this year. Poland has also achieved the highest total score in the competition (154).
  • In 2007, only two countries got more than 100 points – this year, no less than six countries did so. However, it has to be considered that because of the juryvote, more votes were given in total.
  • Poland has achieved 9.06 points per country regarding the jury vote as the votes of four countries. From the televoters alone, Poland has scored impressive 10.31 points per country (Finland got an average of 8.80 last year).
  • Poland has got 12 points from five of the 13 other countries. Russia scored 12 points three times, which means more than half of the "douze" went to the top two countries.

Jury vs. televoting

The jury and the televoting did hardly agree. Denmark would have won the competition according to the jury vote, while Poland would have only finished sixth. Portugal got no points from the jury but got points fromtwelve out of the 13 other countries.

This was the jury vote:

  1. Denmark : 48 points (4×12)
  2. Greece: 40 points (4×10)
  3. Lithuania:32 points (4×8)
  4. Azerbaijan:28 points (4×7)
  5. Russia: 24 points (4×6)
  6. Poland: 20 points (4×5)
  7. Ukraine:16 points (4×4)
  8. Finland: 12 points (4×3)
  9. United Kingdom: 8 points (4×2)
  10. Sweden: 4 points (4×1)
  11. Portugal

This would have been the result based on televotes only:

  1. Poland – 134
  2. Ukraine – 103
  3. Russia – 97
  4. Azerbaijan – 78
  5. Lithuania – 78
  6. Portugal – 61
  7. Denmark – 54
  8. Ireland – 40
  9. United Kingdom – 39
  10. Sweden – 34
  11. Finland – 32
  12. Greece- 32
  13. Austria – 29
  14. Netherlands – 1

East vs. West

This year, it was obviously more the year of the Eastern countries. However, regarding the fact that the top three countries got high marks from all over Europe, diaspora voting seems not to have infected the results very much. Worth noting: the bottom seven couples of the jury were all from Western Europe. It has also been mentioned that Western Europe had less luck with the running order: six of the seven countries that performed in the first half are in Western Europe.

Running order

Again, the countries late in the running order did much better than those early in the line-up. The top four countries all performed in the second half while the bottom five were all performed in the first half. The highest placed country from the first half of the show was Azerbaijan at #5.