coverage of EDC and JESC

by Benny Royston 74 views

There has been much debate amongst the team regarding whether or not we should continue to cover the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision Dance Contest. The website was created by fans of the Eurovision Song Contest to cover the show. The two new brands, whilst successful television shows, have different target audiences and interests, and it has been clear that our readers are less interested in them than the Eurovision Song Contest itself. For that reason, we are asking our members whether should end coverage of the two shows. is funded predominantly by the team behind it, the reason for not attending the competition in Glasgow is simple. We do not have the funds to cover the event. Our editors have full time jobs or are students and covering the Eurovision Song Contest in many cases requires them to use up half of their annual holiday entitlement from work. They have to pay their own travel and accomodation costs, and go far above the call of duty to keep the site online and providing fair and neutral coverage. remains a neutral site. We do not accept donations or payments from any broadcaster, record company, artist or competing party at the Eurovision Song Contest or its sister shows and we maintain this policy even when it means we have to reduce coverage.

This makes it difficult to find a site sponsor or partner companies, and we remain without a sponsor that can provide funds for a site redesign or to add features that we would like to install. It also means that we rely on team and reader donations to fund the webhosting that keeps the website online. For more information about how you can help or donate to click here.

For this reason, some soul searching and tough decisions are required. In order to cover the additional shows, we face the painful probability that coverage of the Eurovision Song Contest would be diluted. As the EBU has overhauled its online marketing of the events, is providing excellent coverage of the dance contest, and feel that by refering our readers that have an interest in the show, we serve both Eurovision Song Contest and Dance Contest fans better.

The Eurovision Dance Contest is a show that we find enjoyable, but our editors are not experienced in coverage of dance, and do not have the same knowledge or training to provide authoritative coverage.

We are also aware of the importance of our readers and members views, and for that reason, we have taken a team decision to open up this debate to our readers. We would like you to vote in the polls below, asking whether we should end our coverage of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest and Eurovision Dance Contest, or whether you would like us to continue to cover them.

Have your say by voting in the following two polls, and in the reactions section below.