Bulgaria: Elitsa Todorova injured during rehearsal

by Russell Davies 74 views

Elitsa Todorova the 2007 Bulgarian representative in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest survived a horrendous accident today after hundreds of kilograms of iron crashed down on top of her during a concert rehearsal in Bulgaria.

The concert to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Bulgarian bookmakersEuro football was scheduled for this evening in the Black Sea resort of Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. A sudden storm this afternoon caused a scaffold from the concert's stage to crash down on performers and the technical team. Two other individuals have been injured, however, Elitsa's condition is the most serious one because the singer had sustained head trauma.

It is still unclear if the concert would take place as scheduled. According to reports, the wind in the area is becoming stronger and there is a possibility of cancelling it. The company that has built the stage on the sand has not yet offered an explanation of the cause of the incident

The world famous German DJ ATB was also scheduled to take part in the concert.

Elitsa Todorova and Stoyan Yancoul finish in 5th postion in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with thrie entry Water.